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Mississippi Right to Life Lauds Enactment of Bill Protecting Right to Chose Life-Saving Treatment

  Pro-life Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant today signed into law HB1014, which provides a concrete means for Mississippians to establish and protect their directions for the provision of life-preserving medical treatment, food, and fluids. “HB 1014 allows

Q& A: Mississippi Right to Life explains how it passed a bill to ban “web-cam” abortions

Editor’s note. The Mississippi House and Senate has just passed a bill that bans so-called “Web-cam” abortions. The following is a Q & A with Barbara Whitehead, president of Mississippi Right to Life, and Scott Fischbach, executive

Election Trifecta: Mississippi Pro-Lifers now control both Houses and retain Governor’s Office

Mississippi Right to Life is pleased with the victory of so many pro-life candidates in yesterday’s elections. As a result of Tuesday’s elections there are now a majority of pro-lifers in the House and the Senate and