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Vice President Pence: The Pro-Life Movement “is defined by generosity, compassion, and love”

Editor’s note. The following are Friday’s remarks by Vice President Mike Pence to March for Life Participants and Pro-Life Leaders. THE VICE PRESIDENT: To all here in the Rose Garden and to the vast gathering of Americans,

A year ago candidate Trump chose Mike Pence to be his VP

By Dave Andrusko On a Friday, one year ago, then-candidate Donald Trump made one of his most consequential decisions in his ultimately successful campaign to become the 45th President of the United States. He chose Mike Pence,

Mike Pence: ‘We hope and pray that little Charlie Gard gets every chance’

By Claire Cretien Vice President Pence defended baby Charlie Gard on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show Monday, saying his case shows how unfair government-run healthcare can be and that he’s praying Charlie’s parents will be allowed to continue

Tasteless as ever, pro-abortionists fundraise by bashing pro-life Vice President Pence

By Dave Andrusko Scout’s Honor, I meant to write about this before June 7 but…I didn’t. So, for the last post of the week, let me just say a few words about “Let’s ruin Mike Pence’s birthday,”

Vice-President Pence’s Commencement Address at Grove City

By Matthew Wagner Vice President Mike Pence, a stalwart pro-lifer, recently made another stop in Pennsylvania, giving the commencement address at Grove City College. For his full remarks click here, but of particular note was this comment:

“Life is winning again in America” VP Pence tells March for Life

“At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue we are in the promise-keeping business” By Dave Andrusko Because I wanted to be able to see and hear some of the great speakers at today’s March for Life, I hung back awhile

V.P. Mike Pence to join Conway at March for Life

Pro-life Vice President Mike Pence

By Dave Andrusko When the New York Times broke the story this morning that pro-life Vice President Mike Pence would join pro-life presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway at Friday’s March for Life, the first thing I did was

Planned Parenthood asks judge to toss Indiana law barring abortions based on disability

By Dave Andrusko When last we wrote about U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, an Obama appointment, she had just heard a challenge to Indiana’s new law that bars aborting a child solely because of a

Pence exposes Clinton/Kaine abortion extremism

Many politicians – and others – are afraid to discuss abortion. That’s a big mistake. Take vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence’s debate performance on Tuesday. He won, and part of the reason was the way he

The emptiness of ‘trust women’

By Paul Stark Sen. Tim Kaine, speaking about abortion in the vice-presidential debate, asked his pro-life opponent [Indiana Gov. Mike Pence]: “[W]hy don’t you trust women to make this choice for themselves? … [W]hy don’t you trust

The vice presidential debate and abortion, Pence carries the day for unborn children

By Dave Andrusko As discussed briefly in “Takeaways from last night’s vice presidential debate,” pro-life Indiana Gov. Mike Pence made the case for life eloquently, sincerely, and with conviction. Tim Kaine played the “don’t you trust women?”

Takeaways from last night’s vice presidential debate

Pro-Life Mike Pence and Pro-abortion Tim Kaine

By Dave Andrusko NRL News Today is posting two stories about last night’s one and only vice presidential debate. Going forward, in my opinion the two most significant takeaways are (1) the answer on abortion of pro-life