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“Abortion Bombshell”: Powerhouse abortion provider incentivized staff to encourage women to have abortions

Would call women back who had declined to have an abortion and offer later abortion appointments Some staff compared the Marie Stopes center to a cattle market By Dave Andrusko The British newspaper, the Sun, called it

Thousands sign petition urging health minister to strip Marie Stopes of its license in the wake of scandalous practices

Presenting the petition to the department of Health: Life chief executive Stephen Sharpe, Life chair Laura Higgins, and SPUC chief executive John Smeaton

Women approved for abortion in 22 seconds Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through August 25. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of

“Strip Marie Stopes of its license,” SPUC and Life launch joint petition

The petition is a joint initiative between Life and SPUC, two of the country’s most prominent pro-life groups Editor’s note. This comes from SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Marie Stopes is the second largest

Undercover investigation finds assembly-line-like conditions where British abortionists approve thousands of abortions for women they’ve never met

By Dave Andrusko The British publication, The Daily Mail, has done some outstanding investigative reporting on abortion. Adding to its terrific work exposing the willingness of abortionists to perform sex-selective abortions, on Sunday Katherine Faulkner and Sara

Marie Stopes “pressures young mothers into having abortions”

Shannon Skinner with baby Amelia, who survived the first stage of a medical abortion: "I call her our miracle baby because we just don’t know how she survived. She must have really wanted to be here." Photo: John Lawrence.

Editor’s note. This comes from our friends at SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Marie Stopes is a major abortion provider in Great Britain. The Daily Mail has published an article in which several mothers

Charges dropped against Marie Stopes abortionist accused of killing woman who bled to death following abortion

Abortionist Adedayo Adedeji

The prosecution offered no evidence in court against abortionist Dr. Adedeji An abortionist who worked at a Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing [a major suburb district of west London] has been cleared of killing a woman who

Marie Stopes in Manchester, England Responsible for Over 7,000 Irish Abortions

Editor’s note. This comes from our Irish pro-life friends at Life Zone. One abortion clinic in Manchester accounted for almost third of all abortions performed on Irish women over the last five years. Data on women from

Eugenics and the disappearance of civilized behavior

By Calum MacKellar Editor’s note. My family will be on vacation through the end of this week. I will be posting an occasional new story, but for the most part we will be re-posting columns that ran