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The importance of telling a woman facing a crisis pregnancy “you can tell me anything” cannot be overstated

By Dave Andrusko My wife and I caught up on “Madam Secretary” Tuesday night and it brought to mind a story I wrote in 2017 about an absolutely amazing episode of this CBS drama. With the March

When a woman is facing a crisis pregnancy, “you can tell me anything” means everything

By Dave Andrusko A while ago we posted a story about an episode from season three of CBS’s Madam Secretary. It was based on a clip I’d see at Newsbusters from that episode. This past week my wife

The importance of “you can tell me anything” when a woman is facing a crisis pregnancy

By Dave Andrusko On Monday we reposted a terrific story that appeared at Newsbusters– “CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’ Surprises With Pro-Life, Pro-Motherhood Message.” Dawn Slusher did a wonderful job in talking about the May 7 episode, “The Seventh Floor.” I

CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’ Surprises With Pro-Life, Pro-Motherhood Message

By Dawn Slusher In the world of entertainment, abortion is almost always the automatic answer given as a solution if a single woman faces an unplanned pregnancy after sleeping with a man she barely knows, that man