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Pro-abort NYTimes columnist laments “The Worrisome Future of Abortion Rights”

By Dave Andrusko As her new book, “Just a Journalist” makes abundantly clear, former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse never let anything as arcane, so out-of-date as impartiality get in the way of advancing

WOW: NY Times Supreme Court Reporter Made Monthly Donations to Planned Parenthood

By Tim Graham Former New York Times reporter Linda Greenhouse is really letting it all hang out in her new book Just a Journalist, writing about how she was thrilled to violate all the norms of “objective”

In new book former NY Times Supreme Court reporter glories in her bias

By Dave Andrusko Elsewhere today we’ve reposted Tim Graham of Newsbusters’ analysis of the career of former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse through the prism of a review of her new book written by

Deconstructing Justice Harry Blackmun, author of Roe v. Wade

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This month, as we approach the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are running articles from the past which relate directly [or even indirectly] to the somber realization that over 59