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Pregnant and alone, everyone told me to get an abortion — but I chose life for my son

By Save the Storks This true story was submitted to us by Jen. “There’s been so much in my newsfeed lately regarding the debate between pro-life and pro-choice and the rights and ethics behind each stance. I know I share

Mark Twain for today

Mark Twain

By Dave Andrusko At my age, I need prompters. One of the many reminders I have sent to me comes courtesy of a website called “Today in History.” Did you know (actually, probably not) that on this day in 1910

When does life begin? It’s pretty simple

By Paul Stark Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life “When does life begin? It’s not so simple.” That’s the title of a recent Slate essay by Elissa Strauss. The assertion that “life begins at the bright line of conception,”

Why not a single existence is “ordinary”

By Dave Andrusko Last night my wife and I attended a sneak preview of a movie based on a book by author Lee Strobel. Without getting into the substance of the film, there is a scene is which Strobel, who

When a Clump of cells Is not a Clump of cells : Autonomous Life in the Womb

Can we finally give the myth that an unborn baby is “just a clump of cells” a decent burial? By John Stonestreet & John Guthrie Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Breakpoint. Previously Eric Metaxas told you

A Different kind of lesson from the Nightly News

Our nation’s “respect deficit” By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation In the space of five minutes’ time, I once heard the following reports on a local TV newscast: A high school teacher who had been drinking alcohol to

Preemie “completely changed the world” in his brief life

“Jack Sparrow” born at 24 weeks By Dave Andrusko When doctors learned that Jack Riley Sadgrove would be born at 24 weeks, one of the first questions they asked his parents was whether they “wanted to keep the baby” since

Dads essential in restoring a Culture of Life

By Paul Stark Abortion isn’t only a women’s issue. Here are three ways that fatherhood and abortion intersect. (1) The importance of supportive fathers. According to the Guttmacher Institute, half of women having abortions say (as a reason) that they

Rewriting the Story of a life

By Melissa Ohden Editor’s note. The following appeared on Melissa’s blog. She is a pro-life speaker and author, who survived a ‘failed’ saline abortion. NRL News Today recently conducted a Q&A with Melissa about her new book, “You Carried Me:

Couple Rejects Abortion for ‘Baby That Will Die’ in Heartbreaking Story

By Katie Yoder Although their baby will supposedly live only a few hours after birth, one couple is rejecting abortion in favor of life. And their heartbreakingly beautiful story is going viral. The media (yes, even the liberal media) picked

Sorry pro-abortionists there is no “debate” about when life begins

Editor’s note. Written by Paul Stark, this appeared on the blog of Minnesota Citizens for Life (MCCL), National Right to Life’s state affiliate. While this ran a while back, it rebuts an error that refuses to go away: the insistence

If only an abortion-minded woman could see “Birth to Twelve Years Old in 2 min, 45 sec”

By Dave Andrusko This encouraging item for Monday’s edition of National Right to Life News Today will take under three minutes of your life and leave you smiling from ear to ear. The title of the video is “Lotte from