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Lena Dunham Donates Proceeds From Wardrobe Sale to Planned Parenthood: ‘The Cause Is Urgent Now’

By Madeleine Post On July 10, Lena Dunham announced her intent to sell a significant part of her wardrobe. As an advocate for so-called “women’s rights and equality,” all proceeds will, of course, go to abortion giant

Lena Dunham’s Character on ‘Girls’ Is Pregnant With a…Lentil Bean?

By Dawn Slusher On [a recent] episode of HBO’s Girls, “Gummies,” Hannah (Lena Dunham) continues with her decision to keep her baby that she conceived after a very brief fling with a surf instructor while on a

Pro-abortion Lena Dunham “apologizes” for “distasteful joke,” vows to redouble advocacy

Lena Dunham

By Dave Andrusko For the moment, let’s assume that actress Lena Dunham was actually apologizing Tuesday for a remark that was stupid even by her standards: that she had “hadn’t had an abortion but wish I had.”

Actress Lena Dunham: ‘I Haven’t Had an Abortion, But Wish I Had’

Lena Dunham

By Katie Yoder Actress and producer Lena Dunham is setting yet another precedent for abortion-obsessed Hollywood: wishing for the opportunity to have had an abortion. On Thursday, Dunham released the latest episode of her Women of the

Lena Dunham’s website touts bizarre conclusion about the “ultrasound generation”

By Texas Right to Life The “ultrasound generation” has grown up with an unprecedented conviction that Life inside the womb is real, unique, and undeniably human. Ultrasound technology was a game-changer for the abortion debate. Former abortionists,

Lena Dunham Jokes about Aborting Royal Baby

  By Katie Yoder What’s with the feminist left and abortion humor these days? First there was a film billed as an “abortion romantic comedy,” then the assertion that abortion is the “perfect topic” for sitcoms. Now