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Great Britain and Ireland: Data refute myths about abortion law and women’s health

By Paul Stark A new paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons contrasts maternal and neonatal health in Great Britain, which has legal elective abortion, with Ireland, which prohibits abortion. The data from these countries refute three

A deeply entrenched culture of death

Lord David Alton

By Dave Andrusko Writing at National Review Online, Charles C.W. Cooke reviews the sad state of affairs in England and Wales. He reminds the reader that abortion was legalized in 1967 using the same over-the-top, no connection to reality arguments.

Abortion Establishment Fights Back in Great Britain

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley

By Dave Andrusko The abortion industry is continuing an orchestrated attack on Andrew Lansley, the British health secretary, who ordered unannounced inspections of more than 300 abortion clinics in England last month. Abortionists do not have to see a woman