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Pro-Euthanasia Drama Finale: Not ‘Letting People Die’ Is a ‘Form of Torture’

By Callista Ring The 2-part season finale of Lifetime’s Mary Kills People, “The Judas Cradle” and “Morning Glory,” which aired Sunday night, wrapped up the season with this message: Those in favor of assisted suicide are “the good ones.” Those

Ontario, Canada Euthanasia Tyranny Against MDs

By Wesley J. Smith Ontario, Canada has passed a law formally legalizing lethal injection euthanasia. And it will force all provincial doctors to be complicit by either doing the deed themselves to all legally qualified patients who request to be

Canada could start killing off the sick to ‘save money,’ warns bishop

Bishop Scott McCaig delivers a homily during a morning pass prior to the National March for Life, May 11, 2017. photo: Pete Baklinski/LifeSiteNews

By Peter Baklinski OTTAWA, May 16, 2017 — [Lifesite News] A Catholic bishop is warning Canadians that legalizing assisted suicide last year has put the country on a path to a “new version of the horrible crimes we saw in

Are there ‘good suicides’ and ‘bad suicides’? Or are all of them bad?

Margaret Somerville

An elderly Australian couple says that euthanasia is better than life in a nursing home By Margaret Somerville There are questions that need to be answered for the sake of all those affected by the way Mr. and Mrs. Fellows

Vatican to investigate Belgian Catholic hospitals for deciding to euthanize sick people

Brother René Stockman

By Pete Baklinski Editor’s note. This appeared at LifeSite News and is reposted with permission. BELGIUM, May 9, 2017 — The Vatican has launched an investigation into Catholic psychiatric care centers in Belgium run by a Catholic order after it

Canadian Medical Killers Form Trade Association

By Wesley J. Smith The Hippocratic Oath reads in part, ” I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.” But Canadian death doctors and nurse practitioners who euthanize the sick, disabled, and

Autonomy: what a useless idea!

By Michael Cook Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post that appeared on Mercatornet. If I ask why abortion is legal, I will be told that women have a right to autonomy over their bodies. … And if

Victoria Australia: Extending euthanasia, even before the bill is written

Euthanasia supporter Dr. Rodney Syme

By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia Anyone looking at the experience in Canada since euthanasia and assisted suicide laws came into force last year, should be struck by the moves to extend the law so soon after they had been

Brother Rene Stockman is devastated by news that Catholic psychiatric hospitals will offer euthanasia

Brother René Stockman

Editor’s note. This appeared at MercatorNet and is reposted with permission. Brother René Stockman is the superior general of the Brothers of Charity, a “congregation” of the Catholic Church which cares for the poor and the needy. Although residing in Rome

How Can Belgian Catholic Psychiatric Hospitals “Adjust” for Euthanasia?

By Nancy Valko I was in disbelief when I read Michael Cook’s article “Belgian Catholic psychiatric hospitals ‘adjust’ their view of euthanasia.”  I had to read the translated version on the Brothers of Charity order’s statement itself myself to see

Belgian Catholic psychiatric hospitals ‘adjust’ their view of euthanasia

Brother René Stockman

By Michael Cook One of the last substantial barriers to increasing the number of euthanasia cases for non-terminally-ill psychiatric patients in Belgium seems to have crumbled. A religious order in the Catholic Church, the Brothers of Charity, is responsible for

The Dutch Mouse that Roared: a challenge to the pro-euthanasia zeitgeist

Kees van der Staaij

By Paul Russell, Director, Hope Australia Public challenges to the zeitgeist on euthanasia are rare in the Netherlands. The practice of deliberately killing patients in Holland has a long history reaching back more than thirty years. The Dutch, like their