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Professor Death Supports Doctor Death

Peter Singer

  By Wesley J. Smith I think it is time to start calling Peter Singer ”Professor Death.” The Princeton moral philosopher–an oxymoron in his case–is the world’s foremost proponent of infanticide. He usually uses examples of disabled babies, but the

A deadly conflict of interest: why euthanasia in Belgium is so out of control

Dr. Tom Mortier

  By Dr. Peter Saunders Editor’s note. Dr. Saunders is a former general surgeon and is CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members. It is widely acknowledged that euthanasia

Not Dead Yet – UK ‘campaign’ against the assisted suicide bill in the British House of Lords

Kevin Fitzpatrick

  By Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick – Not Dead Yet – UK. In the (British) House of Lords, another attempt to legalise assisted suicide/euthanasia was debated at 2nd reading stage July 18, 2014 through Lord Falconer’s ‘assisted dying’ Bill. It was

Melbourne Academic and writer, Shakira Hussein explains why euthanasia threatens people living with disability

Dr. Shakira Hussein

  By Paul Russell This article is taken from the website of The Saturday Paper and was first published under the title of ‘Living with Dignity’. Dr Shakira Hussein is a post doctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Suicide Cult Pushes Home Made Suicide Kits

Derek Humphry

  By Wesley J. Smith Suicide advocacy never stops. Even as the world mourns a celebrity self-destruction, Derek Humphry’s group ERGO (Euthanasia Research Guidance Organization) continues the death proselytizing–this time pushing a booklet, How to Make Your Own Helium Hood

Physical illness or disability is not a valid ground for assisted suicide

Renee Joubert

  By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia I meet some amazing people in my work. I met Renee Joubert in New Zealand earlier this year after corresponding for some time. Renee is working for Euthanasia Free New Zealand, an affiliate

The price we pay when respect for the sanctity of life is lost


  By Dave Andrusko I had never heard of Diane Weber Bederman until yesterday when I ran across an incredible piece she’d written that appeared in Canada Free Press. The reader learns that she is, among other things, a blogger

The ‘messiah of death’ Nitschke: a guru of a bizarre suicide cult

Journalist Angela Shanahan

  By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia This weekend yet another story of  ‘death coaching’ in The Australian written by journalist, Angela Shanahan. Shanahan opens her article by reminding readers of the suicide of Nancy Crick in Australia in 2002;

Canberra Politician slams Nitschke

Mary Porter

  By Paul Russell, Founder, Hope Australia Mary Porter is a Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Canberra (ACT) Parliament. In recent years, Ms Porter has made end-of-life issues something of a leitmotif for her parliamentary career. In the

Canadian Medical Association: 71.5% oppose the legalization of euthanasia or assisted suicide; Doctors should be excluded from doing euthanasia


  By Alex Schadenberg Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) published the results of its online poll and it national dialogue concerning euthanasia, assisted suicide and end-of-life care. The CMA consultation report determined that 71.5% agreed

Euthanasia could be option for poor, says Lithuanian health minister

Lithuanian Health Minister Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė

  By Michael Cook Euthanasia might be needed for poor people who cannot access palliative care, the new Lithuanian Health Minister has suggested. Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė was sworn earlier this month, but already she has made waves by backing an open

Looking for the foot in the door: euphemisms in euthanasia & assisted suicide debate

Philip Nitschke

  By Paul Russell, Executive Director, HOPE Australia The recent news concerning Dr. Philip Nitschke, Exit International and the suicide death of two men in Australia who were not terminally ill has forced the Australian public to confront the issue