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More on Ezekiel Emanuel and his insistence he would want to live only until age 75

Ezekiel Emanuel

  By Dave Andrusko The Federalist webpage (thefederalist.com) is a terrific source of commentary on an array of issues. More than a few deal directly with our issues—for example, there is Mollie Hemingway who wrote brilliantly about Supreme Court Justice

Netherlands 2013 euthanasia report – 15% increase, euthanasia for psychiatric problems and dementia


  By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. The 2013 Netherlands euthanasia report was released today indicating a 15% increase in reported euthanasia deaths. The 2013 report indicated that there were 4,829 reported euthanasia deaths up from 4,188

Reflections on “Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race”

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  By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This piece, written a while back, discusses an exhibit that was exceptionally helpful to understanding the origins of the Nazi Holocaust. Not only did doctors and scientists lay the foundation for the Holocaust, the

Euthanasia: And they say that people with disabilities have nothing to fear…

Kevin Fitzpatrick

  By Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick, Director of EPC – International and a leader of Not Dead Yet UK Health24.com (9/23/14) reports a story from SAPA (the South African Press Association): A doctor, previously convicted in New Zealand for assisting his

Belgian media promotes couple euthanasia


  By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia The Belgian online news service Moustique (the Mosquito) is featuring an interview with an elderly Belgian couple and their son in which they discuss the couple’s plans to die together by euthanasia. Couple

What does the World Federation of Right to Die Societies not want me to know?


  By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition As an International leader of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) I decided to register for the World Federation of Right to Die Societies – 20th World Conference in Chicago (September

Alzheimer’s: To Love and Care or Kill?


  By Wesley J. Smith Sometimes I get emotional whiplash. On one hand, we see very prominent bioethicists say that we should starve Alzheimer’s patients to death if they asked to be killed in an advance directive. Compassion and Choices

Belgium’s euthanasia law challenged in European Court of Human Rights

Dr. Wim Distelmans

  By Michael Cook A Belgian man is challenging his country’s euthanasia law in the European Court of Human Rights. Dr Tom Mortier’s mother was put to death by a doctor for “untreatable depression” even though she was not terminally

Euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the utopian dream of controlling the uncontrollable

Paul Russell, director of HOPE.

  By Paul Russell Two recent articles on euthanasia and assisted suicide in the Australian press serve to highlight the dilemma of the form of any legislation that might be proposed as well as the reality of what crossing the

Toronto hospital illegally imposed ‘do-not-resuscitate’ order against wishes of dying man’s family, medical board rules

Joy Wawrzyniak, with a photo of her dad

  By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition In a rare display of disagreement with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board last week held that “Doctors at a major Toronto hospital violated

Is fear of nursing homes a reason for Dutch euthanasia?


Is fear of nursing homes a reason for Dutch euthanasia? By Michael Cook A Dutch euthanasia clinic is being investigated for helping an elderly woman to die because she did not want to live in a nursing home. This is

ADF represents son asking European Court of Human Rights to take case against Belgium

Dr. Wim Distelmans

  Editor’s note. The following was distributed by ADF—Alliance Defending Freedom. Strasbourg, France – Alliance Defending Freedom filed an application with the European Court of Human Rights [ECHR] Wednesday on behalf of Tom Mortier, who is challenging Belgium’s laws that