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Why euthanasia slippery slopes are inevitable

Margaret Somerville

By Margaret Somerville Advocates of legalizing euthanasia reject “slippery slope” arguments as unfounded fear-mongering and claim that its use will always be restricted to rare cases of dying people with unrelievable, unbearable suffering. But, as the Netherlands and Belgium demonstrate,

Dutch nursing home death – more excuses, more killing

By Paul Russell Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at Mr. Russell’s blog. Once you create a situation at law where killing of another person is allowed in certain circumstances, not only will the circumstances in

220 Dutch doctors take out ad to oppose euthanasia for patients with dementia

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition An article written last week by Janene Pieters and published in the NL Times reports A group of 220 Dutch doctors took out an advertisement in NRC [a daily evening newspaper] on

Canadian doctors are struggling with euthanasia

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Jeff Blackmer, the former ethicist and current Vice President for medical professionalism with the Canadian Medical Association told Ryan Tumilty from Metro news that Canadian doctors have been telling his group that

Canadian Legal group fights policy forcing pro-life doctors to refer for abortion, euthanasia

CMDS executive director Larry Worthen

By Steve Weatherbe TORONTO, February 13, 2017 – A Calgary conscience rights group has joined Ontario Christian doctors in fighting a requirement that they refer patients for euthanasia and abortion — and perform both procedures in emergencies. The Justice Centre

New euthanasia proposals in Spain

By Xavier Symons Spain’s Congress of Deputies is debating new euthanasia legislation, as right-to-die lobbyists intensify their campaign in the country. Unidos Podemos (UP), a political coalition of the Communist Party and the major party Podemos, presented a bill to

“Mary Kills People” Promotes Euthanasia

Caroline Dhavernas stars in the new Global TV show Mary Kills People. (CORUS ENTERTAINMENT)

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. The local radio station that I listen to is playing a commercial for “Mary Kills People,” a six-part drama airing on Global Television in Canada. People have contacted me wondering what

Euthanasia ‘Safeguards’ Soon Seen as ‘Hurdles’

By Wesley J. Smith Just a quick post to show you how the slippery slope slip slides away. Canada’s Supreme Court imposed a nationwide regime on the entire country. An obedient Parliament passed enabling legislation, including “safeguards” to protect against

Struggling woman with dementia euthanised in Netherlands

Relatives had to hold her down so that the doctor could give the lethal injection. By Michael Cook A Dutch doctor has been rebuked by a Regional Review Committee after she gave a lethal injection to a demented patient who

Dutch Euthanasia Authorities OK Apparent Murder

The doctor drugged the patient's coffee before administering a lethal injection CREDIT:KATHY DEWITT/ALAMY

By Wesley J. Smith Euthanasia advocates tout medicalized killing as being about autonomy. But it eventually becomes about making sure certain categories of people become dead. Thus, in the Netherlands, some patients have been euthanized who have never asked for

Nazi euthanasia victims honored in Bundestag

Philosopher Hartmut Traub recounted the life story of his uncle Benjamin Traub

By Michael Cook On January 27, Germany’s Bundestag [Parliament] commemorated the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of the inmates of Auschwitz concentration camp. This year the focus was placed on the 300,000 disabled victims of the notorious Aktion T-4 euthanasia

Euthanasia could save Canada millions in healthcare costs

The bean counters have been hard at work By Michael Cook Perhaps it’s all that New World fresh air and pioneering spirit, but Canada is taking to its new euthanasia legislation like a duck to water. It only became legal

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