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Religious and pro-life conscience unwelcome in healthcare

Wesley Smith

By Wesley J. Smith Healthcare is quickly becoming about much more than the provision and reception of medical treatment. To a disturbing degree, healthcare public policy is becoming a means of imposing a secularist, anti–sanctity-of-life ideology on all of society.

Euthanasia will not give dignity any more than abortion gave equality

Jack Kevorkian, "Dr. Death," and abortionist Kermit Gosnell

By Mike Schouten, Campaign Director, Weneedalaw.ca Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at weneedalaw.ca. Being pro-life means, by definition, being for life. The same groups that recognize the value of children in the womb are those who recognize

Quebec Can’t Kill Them Soon Enough


By Wesley J. Smith Waiting periods for reflection are supposed to be a “safeguard” against abuse in euthanasia and assisted suicide. That has been exposed as mere veneer as Quebec euthanasia advocates are furious that the province has imposed a

Dutch MDs Help People Suicide by Starvation


By Wesley J. Smith Once the culture of death sinks its venomous teeth into a society, corruption follows upon corruption. The medical sector is among the first to corrode. Witness the Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) that now advises its members

Ontario MDs Require All Docs’ Complicity in Euthanasia


By Wesley J. Smith The enthusiastic embrace of legalized euthanasia by the Canadian medical establishment has been shocking and appalling. Now, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario–the official provincial medical association–has betrayed doctors who have a conscientious objection

Euthanasia Tyranny Prevails in Canada


By Wesley J. Smith Back in 2014, before the Canadian Supreme Court imposed euthanasia on the whole country, Quebec legalized what it calls “aid in dying,” which in the context of the law requires a doctor-administered lethal jab. But mere

Catholic Nursing Home Successfully Sued for Refusing Euthanasia


By Wesley J. Smith Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or

Tyranny disguised as the illusion of autonomy


By Paul Russell Two memes dominate the pro-euthanasia rhetoric–choice and pain. Yet in a significant number of media stories featuring people who want access to euthanasia and assisted suicide we see that it is not pain that is the dominant

Gallup’s latest poll on euthanasia and “doctor-assisted suicide”


By Dave Andrusko As tricky–or as deliberately misleading–as polls on abortion can be, those taken on euthanasia can be almost as bewildering and every bit as confounding. Under the headline, “Euthanasia Still Acceptable to Solid Majority in U.S.” here’s the

Lawsuit to Expand Canada’s Radical Euthanasia License

Julia Lamb

By Wesley J. Smith That didn’t take long. When Parliament legalized euthanasia for people with medical conditions leading to “foreseeable” death, many in the media and among the “experts” yelled that it was too restrictive. And unconstitutional. Based on the

British doctors reject neutrality on assisted dying, decision largely ignored in media

Mark Porter, Chair of BMA Council

By Michael Cook As one might expect, media coverage of assisted dying (aka assisted suicide or euthanasia or the right to die or dignity in dying) is skewed towards ringing-the-changes rather than steady-as-she-goes. In late May The Economist, an outspoken

President of Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops denounces recent approval of Bill C-14 legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide

Most Rev. Douglas Crosby, OMI

By (Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMI, Bishop of Hamilton The recent approval of Bill C-14, which legalizes euthanasia and assisted suicide in our country, stands as an appalling landmark decision to the utter failure of government, and indeed all society,

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