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The Weight of Conscience

Conscientious objection needs to be protected By Paul Russell, Director, HOPE, Australia As the Victorian Ministerial Advisory Panel on “assisted dying” makes ready to release its interim report sometime in April, The Age newspaper turned its attention to the matter of

Canada Push To Allow Mentally Ill Euthanasia

André Picard

By Wesley J. Smith Euthanasia/assisted suicide is NOT about terminal illness. The issue is about normalizing killing as a response to human suffering. Sure, the initial sales pitch would restrict doctor-administered or prescribed death to the dying. But that’s just

European doctors push for harvesting organs from patients they helped kill

By Lianne Laurence April 18, 2017 — A group of Dutch and Belgian research doctors have released a study that calculates how many organs Belgians killed by euthanasia could have donated. In an article in the April article in the

Netherlands 2016 euthanasia deaths increase by another 10%

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Dutch News reported that the number of reported assisted deaths increased by 10% in 2016–with 6,091 reported assisted deaths, representing 4% of all deaths in the Netherlands–up from 5,561 reported

Dutch doctors oppose plans for ‘completed life’ euthanasia

By Michael Cook Although Dutch government proposals for euthanasia for “completed life” – that is, for elderly people who want to step off the treadmill gracefully – have received a lot of publicity, they have not been legislated. Now the

Euthanasia ‘death hotline’ fails to safeguard Ontario doctors’ conscience rights

Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins

By Lianne Laurence TORONTO, April 6, 2017 — Ontario doctors will be forced to be complicit in killing their patients by euthanasia or assisted suicide unless the Liberal government amends Bill 84 to include conscience rights protection, warn physicians’ rights

Québec pushes the euthanasia boundaries again

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Québec government passed Bill 52 to decriminalize euthanasia two years before the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Canada’s law against assisted suicide. (The federal government subsequently legalized assisted suicide.)

Liberals shun leading anti-euthanasia group at hearing on Ontario’s ‘joke’ of a bill

By Lianne Laurence TORONTO, April 3, 2017 — The largest international anti-euthanasia group is crying foul after a Liberal-dominated committee studying an Ontario bill refused its request to give an oral presentation. “The question is why didn’t they want to

Cardinal urges Ontario gov’t not to ‘bully’ doctors into helping euthanize patients

Cardinal Thomas Collins

By Pete Baklinski TORONTO — Doctors who refuse to kill a patient “need protection so that they can act according to their conscience,” Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, told the Ontario legislature last Thursday. “It is sad that I

Canadian surgeons harvesting organs from euthanized patients

By Michael Cook Taking advantage of the country’s new law, Canadian transplant surgeons have harvested organs from dozens of euthanasia patients. According to the National Post, 26 people in Ontario who died by lethal injection have donated tissue or organs.

Almost 450 Quebec patients were euthanized last year

By Xavier Symons New data released on assisted dying in Quebec indicates that requests for euthanasia doubled in the province in the second half of 2016. According to statistics compiled by the Protection of Conscience Project, 441 people in the

Elderly man needs a pal, not a lethal pill

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Every once in a while I read a letter to the editor that hits the nail on the head. This letter was published at Saukvalley.com on Friday March 10. The publication covers