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Putting Infants “Down like Dogs”

By Wesley J. Smith The Charlie Gard tragedy has renewed public advocacy for legalizing infanticide. Writing in the New York Times earlier this month, Gary Comstock recounted the tragic death of his son, Sam, who was born with a terminal

Ontario judge extends terminal definition for euthanasia to a woman with osteoarthritis

Justice Paul Perrell

By Alex Schadenberg Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Recently I wrote about “Canada’s euthanasia law – one year later,“ showing how the euthanasia law is being extended in Canada at a record pace. In June 2016, Canada’s federal government

Darwinism and Infanticide

Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne

By Wesley J. Smith The evolutionary biologist, Jerry Coyne, writes a blog entitled, “Why Evolution is True.” One would think that by choosing that title, Coyne should restrict his discussions to questions of science that touch on questions and explanations

Netherlands offers euthanasia for alcoholics

It’s certainly less bother than a 12-step program in Alcoholics Anonymous By Michael Cook The ever-expanding circle of eligibility for euthanasia in the Netherlands now includes alcoholism. Writing in the Dutch magazine Linda, journalist Marcel Langedijk describes the grim life

When ‘safeguards’ become ‘barriers to access’

From “exceptional cases” to “a response to a need” By Aubert Martin A month after the publication of a letter by the secretary of the College of Physicians of Quebec – in which he expressed his concern about a growing “pressure,

Netherlands: 431 people euthanised without consent in 2015

People's lives are "terminated without request" in the Netherlands - known elsewhere as homicide.

People’s lives are “terminated without request” in the Netherlands – known elsewhere as homicide By Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) The data from the study into ending of life decisions in the Netherlands in 2015 is now

Canadian media campaigns for more euthanasia

Dr Ramona Coelho

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Recently Canadians have, once again, experienced a plethora of articles concerning euthanasia. Among the objectives of the barrage of stories, I am convinced, is to pressure physicians to join the “list”

MCCL GO criticizes euthanasia in Luxembourg

By Paul Stark, Communications Associate GENEVA, Switzerland — Luxembourg’s practice of euthanasia is incompatible with respect for human rights, according to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Global Outreach (MCCL GO), an international non-governmental organization working to secure human rights for

Dutch euthanasia getting so out of hand that even assisted-death docs want to hit the brakes

By Doug Mainwaring July 5, 2017 — An advertisement taken out in a major newspaper in the Netherlands by more than 200 Dutch doctors begins, “[Assisted suicide] for someone who cannot confirm he wants to die? No, we will not

Medical students’ perspectives on euthanasia

By Xavier Symons What do medical students think about euthanasia? A new article in the journal Chest discusses some of the concerns held by the next generation of US medical professionals. The authors of the paper, students from several of

A Dutch euthanasia pioneer surveys the wreckage and despairs

By Michael Cook Editor’s note. This appeared at Bioedge and is reposted with permission. If there is anyone who could be called a patron saint of Dutch euthanasia, it is the psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot. In 1991 he gave one of his

Should we worry about a euthanasia market-takeover?

By Xavier Symons There is endless debate about the ethics of euthanasia. Yet even if one sets aside principled objections to the procedure, there are still contextual risks to introducing new medical interventions into a medical market-economy. We can never