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Breaking Down (syndrome) discrimination is a feminist issue

Mums who have accepted children with Down syndrome lead the way. By Rachael Wong forward by email Earlier this month, the disability-led stage production, “You Know We Belong Together”, was a hit at the Perth Festival. Julia

Dad of son with Down syndrome laments barbarism of abandoning children, but says must be legal to abort children like his son

By Dave Andrusko I confess I didn’t see this coming, but I sure should have. Shame on me for not anticipating how the Media Elite would respond to what is clearly a gaffe. We wrote three stories

Stories of #ALifeWorthLiving

By Matthew Wagner Editor’s note. This appeared on the blog of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. We recently asked for stories from people who have been blessed to have individuals with Down syndrome in their lives. Here are

Abortion thrives on discrimination, on the inhumane belief that some lives are better than others

By Jen Taggart Pushing moms to abort babies diagnosed with Down syndrome isn’t about respecting a woman’s privacy, it’s about lethal discrimination. That’s what Pregnancy Help News writer Katie Franklin argued in a letter published this week

Each baby with Down syndrome should be treated as a prince or princess

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation It was an experience unlike any I had had before in my six years roaming the corridors of the Pennsylvania Capitol, pleading on behalf of preborn babies and their

Being the mother of a daughter with Down syndrome made me a much better person

By Leticia Velasquez, Co-founder of KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) Editor’s note. Today is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. I spent an hour today helping my 16-year-old daughter get ready for her day at the local

The perfect Facebook video for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

By Eileen Haupt, Co-founder of KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) A tender recent video gone viral, made by “50 mums, 50 kids, and one extra chromosome” for today’s celebration of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, beautifully

The power of a great God to change hearts and minds

By Dave Andrusko I remember back to 2011 when the United Nations passed a resolution formally recognizing March 21 as World Down Syndrome Recognition Day. The following year I recall finding the stories split between celebrating the

Former president of local Planned Parenthood, Judge temporarily enjoins Ohio’s Down Syndrome Unborn Baby Protection Act

By Dave Andrusko That a federal judge would issue a preliminary injunction blocking Ohio’s Down Syndrome Unborn Baby Protection Act law from taking effect on March 23 is about as surprising as the sun rising in the

Decision whether to abort child with Down syndrome is theirs alone “Pro-choice liberal” couple say

Even though they did not abort their child By Dave Andrusko Wednesday, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be running stories from the proud mothers of two children with Down

Parents Slam WaPo Editor on Women’s ‘Right’ to Down Syndrome Abortion

By Katie Yoder In reaction to media support for abortion based on Down syndrome, parents are speaking up about the beauty of their children with Down syndrome. On Friday, The Washington Post published an opinion piece with the

No, Ruth Marcus, we don’t need to be able to get rid of people with Down syndrome

By Right to Life of Michigan Have you ever met someone with a genetic disease? Chances are you have. There is also a chance that you have met someone who has a disease, but you have no