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Melanie and Madeline, changing the face of beauty

Mélanie Ségard

Two young women with Down syndrome present their special charm to the world By Mary Le Rumeur Two beautiful young girls – one in France and the other from Australia – are showing the world a new face of Down

My Feral Heart: finally, a positive portrayal of Down syndrome

A British indie with a life-affirming message By Michael Cook “We’re not so different, you and me” is the theme of My Feral Heart, a poignant British indie about a young man with Down syndrome. Though filmed in a grey

World Down Syndrome Day 2017 celebrates the inherent value and abilities of individuals with Down syndrome

By Marie Smith The world is facing the loss of an entire group of people who are known for their joy, love and laughter. Today, March 21st, marks World Down Syndrome Day, celebrating the inherent value and abilities of individuals

Celebrating Children with Down Syndrome on World Down Syndrome day

By Matthew Wagner March 21st is World Down Syndrome day. It is an opportunity to celebrate children with Down Syndrome and recognize that it is not a disease or a disability, just a difference that should be respected. I remember

“Just the Way You Are”: Loving his sister with Down Syndrome

By Dave Andrusko Okay, I’m a softy, but I’m guessing many of you are too. Especially when the subject is kids, and most especially when what you are seeing is an example of a big brother proudly boasting about his

Peter Singer Can’t Hear the “Music of Humanity”

Peter Singer

By Wesley J. Smith I have had a bit of reaction to the post I wrote the other day, quoting Peter Singer as admitting he wouldn’t raise a child with Down, and justifying the killing of the developmentally and cognitively

Babies with Down Syndrome Deserve Love, Not Eradication

By Lauren Bell In recent remarks to the Citizens Assembly in Ireland, Dr. Peter McParland, an ob-gyn at National Maternity Hospital, pointed out what he seemed to believe as a hopeful sign of things to come. “In Iceland,” the doctor pointed

Supreme Court of India denies request to abort 20 week baby with Down syndrome

Justice S.A. Bobde

By Dave Andrusko The Supreme Court of India today rejected a request to abort a 20-week-old baby diagnosed with Down syndrome. Under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, abortions in India are only allowed past the 20th week in cases

The Down Syndrome Holocaust

In Iceland, my son would have been killed. By Ken Falkenstein This is my son Josh. In Iceland, he would have been killed. Josh has Down syndrome. He was born with one extra chromosome. As a result, he looks a

Thanks to Screening and Abortion, We Are Heading Toward a ‘Down Syndrome-Free World’

100% of pregnant women in Iceland abort their babies who have been pre-natally diagnosed with Down syndrome. And it gets so much worse than that. By Jenny Rapson Yesterday I read this “crazy” quote on a pro-life website, alleging that

“You can do anything that you want” – mum writes beautiful letter to baby daughter with Down’s syndrome

"Suddenly Down syndrome seemed to be the least thing we were concerned about. You had it, so what, we were instantly madly in love with you! Image: Rhona Cullinan.

Editor’s note. This comes from our friends at SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. A mother has written a touching open letter to her five-month-old daughter who has Down syndrome to reassure her she is loved unconditionally. Rhona

Powerful article on abortion, Down Syndrome, and 8th amendment

Boy with Down syndrome in bounce house

Editor’s note. This appeared at the Life Institute, a major Irish pro-life organization. The “Eighth Amendment” refers to an amendment to the Irish Constitution passed in 1983 that says, “The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and,