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Legal Safeguards, Burdensome Obstacles and Conscience Rights

By Nancy Valko After I wrote last week’s blog “The New Federal Conscience and Religious Freedom Division,” I was surprised by this criticism: “arguing conscience can make doctors (and others) look whiney, as opposed to heroic” and

Trump administration moves to defend conscience rights

By Xavier Symons Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at BioEdge and is reposted with permission. The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the HHS’s Office for Civil Rights will handle complaints related to participation in controversial

Cardinal Dolan, Dr. Moore decry second-class status of those whose conscience compels them not to be involved in abortion

By Dave Andrusko An op-ed that ran this week in USA Today was an example of ecumenism at its best. Appearing under the headline, “To be really pro-choice, you must protect each doctor’s choice to not perform

Another Threat to Conscience Rights for Medical Professionals

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D., Ph.D.

By Nancy Valko 2012 New York Times: “Instead of attempting to legalize physician-assisted suicide, we should focus our energies on what really matters: improving care for the dying — ensuring that all patients can openly talk with

Illinois, Hawaii put federal funding in jeopardy by forcing pregnancy centers, doctors to promote abortion

Editor’s note. This update was provided by the Alliance Defending Freedom. WASHINGTON – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed complaints Monday with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on behalf of pregnancy care centers and pro-life

Swedish appeals court fails to protect freedom for health professionals

Pro-life Swedish midwife Ellinor Grimmark

Court says medical staff can’t abide by their consciences, midwife considers appeal to European Court of Human Rights Editor’s note. This update is provided by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and is reposted with permission. JÖNKÖPING, Sweden –

Health Care Bullying Over Conscience Rights

By Nancy Valko Years ago, some of my fellow nurses were talking about assisted suicide and two of them supported physician-assisted suicide. I asked if they were comfortable with participating in an assisted suicide. Both were shocked

Canadian Legal group fights policy forcing pro-life doctors to refer for abortion, euthanasia

CMDS executive director Larry Worthen

By Steve Weatherbe TORONTO, February 13, 2017 – A Calgary conscience rights group has joined Ontario Christian doctors in fighting a requirement that they refer patients for euthanasia and abortion — and perform both procedures in emergencies.

Illinois Judge Halts State’s Free Speech Assault on Pro-Life Docs, Clinics

By Jay Hobbs Pro-life advocates in Illinois are celebrating the first of what they hope to be many victories in the fight against a new state law that would force pro-life doctors, nurses and pregnancy centers to

Fight for Free Speech, Conscience Rights Continues in California, Illinois

By Jay Hobbs Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which represents pro-life organizations and individuals targeted by new laws in California and Illinois, filed legal challenges in both states late last week in an ongoing battle to keep the

Alliance Defending Freedom Files Second Suit Opposing Illinois Abortion Referral Law

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing multiple pregnancy care centers, a pregnancy care center network, and a doctor and her medical practice filed suit last week in federal court against Gov. Bruce Rauner after he recently signed a

Threat of Canadian Tyranny Against Catholic Hospitals

By Wesley J. Smith Once euthanasia forces no longer have to contend with democracy, they show their true authoritarian colors. Canada’s Supreme Court took democracy out of the death equation by conjuring a “right” to be made