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Post’s Junk Biology Pushes Human Cloning

  By Wesley J. Smith Here we go again! Now that human cloning has been done with adult cells, the pro-cloning crowd pushes it using junk biology–just as they did in years past. First at bat: The

Mouse cloning advance raises specter of human cloning

  By Wesley J. Smith. I have long believed and argued that stem cell research is merely the opening stanza of a longer planned biotechnological symphony. What “the scientists” are really after is a reliable way to

Let the Cloning Obfuscation Begin

By Wesley J. Smith Now that human cloning is upon us, look for many scientists and their camp followers (or ignorant reporters) to mislead about what the technology entails. Human SCNT [somatic cell nuclear transfer] creates human

National Right to Life Condemns Reported Creation of Human Embryos to Kill Them; Warns of “Human Embryo Farms”

The following statement was issued by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) in response to publication today in the online journal Cell of a paper in which scientists at Oregon Health & Science University reported use

Good news you may have missed in the battle to protect human embryos

By Scott Fischbach, executive director, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life We live in such a loud and noisy world that sometimes the news that is most important gets lost.  In recent weeks some major developments have been

Ban on Human Embryo Patents Culminates 8-Year NRLC Effort

WASHINGTON (September 16, 2011) – A ban on the issuing of U.S. patents on human embryos was enacted into law today – the culmination of an eight-year effort in which National Right to Life played a key

Ban of State Funding of all forms of Human Cloning in Minnesota Caught in Budgetary Cross-Fire

By Dave Andrusko The state of Minnesota is in the midst of a bruising standoff between pro-abortion Gov. Mark Dayton (D) and the pro-life Republican House and Senate over a new budget. A casualty, hopefully only temporary,

Minnesota Gov. Dayton vetoes cloning ban legislation

Pro-lifers sought to prevent manufacture, destruction of life for experiments ST. PAUL — Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed legislation that would have prevented the cloning of human embryos in Minnesota, and the funding of such experiments. Both

Cloning is cloning is cloning

Editor’s note. This first appeared on the blog of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life at http://prolifemn.blogspot.com/2011/05/cloning-is-cloning-is-cloning.html Two recent articles on the MCCL-backed human cloning ban legislation are refreshing for their honesty. The first is by Justin Kinney.

Media Bias On Stem Cell/Cloning Debates Still Biased

By Wesley J. Smith Editor’s note. This appears on Wesley’s fine blog. I have written about the ubiquitous media bias in the stem cell/cloning debates so often that I feel like I am trying to empty the