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Tidbits from the “Choose Life” license plate bill hearing today in the Michigan state Senate

On Thursday the Michigan Senate Transportation Committee heard testimony on SB 163 to create a “Choose Life” fundraising license plate. The plate has been frequently requested by prolife citizens. Proceeds from people who wish to purchase the plate would go

Choose Life…and Hope….over Darkness

Editor’s note. This comes from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, NRLC’s state affiliate. “No matter how dark it is, all you need is a little ray of hope to overcome it.” This quote by Indian film maker Anurag Prakash Ray has

Appeals Court reverses course, allows North Carolina’s “Choose Life” license plate to go forward

By Dave Andrusko It was a long, long time in the making, but North Carolina finally will be able to issue a “Choose Life” specialty license plate. The decision by the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the holdings

North Carolina Legislative Leaders ask Supreme Court to review decision barring production of “Choose Life” license plates

  By Dave Andrusko On Friday Republican leaders in the North Carolina legislature petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to review a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit that barred the state from issuing “Choose Life”

Teenager chooses life for her baby: “I know that this what I am supposed to be doing and I know He is in my life right now because he needs to be and God wanted him to be on this earth”

  By Dave Andrusko Today at National Right to Life News Today we’re running two posts inspired by wonderful videos. One is the real-life story of a Canadian teenager who chose life. The other, odd as it sounds, is a

North Carolina’s Choose Life license plate: Is North Carolina discriminating against pro-abortion drivers?

  By Gina Diorio A federal court has ruled North Carolina’s “Choose Life” license plate violates the U.S. Constitution because the state does not also offer pro-abortion plates. Upholding a previous ruling by a federal judge, the three-judge panel of

“Choose life. You’re never going to regret it.” Teen mother explains her difficult choice

  By Lauren Enriquez In a moving video, a young mother shares the story of finding herself pregnant at just sixteen years old. Darby explains taking the at-home pregnancy test and being in a state of disbelief, almost as if

Night scene, night thoughts

  Editor’s note. Paul Greenberg is the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. This magnificent editorial first appeared January 31, 1999, in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and was reprinted in the February 19, 1999, issue of National Right

55 million reasons not to have an abortion

By Dave Andrusko My guess is that every pro-lifer could offer multiple reasons not to have an abortion. In critiquing pro-abortionists and celebrating pro-lifers, we at National Right to Life News Today implicitly offer our own catalogue of reasons to

Judge rules ‘Choose Life’ license plates violate the First Amendment

By Ben Johnson Editor’s note. This first appeared at www.lifesitenews.com/news/judge-rules-choose-life-license-plates-violate-the-first-amendment CHARLOTTE, December 10, 2012-– North Carolina women are free to choose abortion, but not pro-life license plates. A federal judge has ruled the state can only sell a “Choose Life”

Smart Phones Provide Mobile Tool to Help Women Choose Life

By Dave Andrusko When you are at the annual National Right to Life Convention, it is not unusual to have people come up to thank you for something that appeared in National Right to Life News or in National Right

choosing LIFE

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. We ran this Monday and the response was so overwhelming I thought I’d re-run it at the end of the week. Even though it’s a day late, I want to say that I hope that