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The Miracle of Life, as seen through the Eyes of Children

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation They came at just the right time. Work had been bubbling up like a geyser before me, and I was swamped. Just when I was feeling overwhelmed, I saw

What children can teach us about abortion

By Mary DeTurris Poust Editor’s note. Earlier this week we posted a story written by two pro-abortionists in Ireland about how to encourage “critical thinking” in young children about the upcoming abortion referendum. I immediately thought of

Advice on how to plant pro-abortion ideas in the minds of little children

In advance of Irish abortion referendum By Dave Andrusko To say the mainstream press in the Republic of Ireland is pro-abortion is like saying it’s above freezing when the temperature is 100 degrees. True, but it vastly

“A Child’s future is worth every sacrifice”

By Dave Andrusko Originally when I first wrote this story, my intention was that it would be a short post. But the more I thought about “My dad’s story: Dream for My Child,” which is also dubbed

When we protect unborn babies it “helps make the earth a better place for everyone”

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation I have found that some of the most eloquent spokespeople for the pro-life movement are the youngest ones. That truth became abundantly clear as I was reading through dozens

Bioethicist on NBCNews.com: Having Kids is ‘Indulgence’ That’s Bad For The Earth

By Matthew Balan Professor Travis Reider of Johns Hopkins University boosted population control as a solution for climate change in a Wednesday op-ed for NBCNews.com. Reider, an assistant director at the school’s Berman Institute of Bioethics, hyped

Because there can never be enough euthanasia in Canada…

Dr. Dawn Davies, lead author of a new report from the Canadian Paediatric Society, says pediatricians in Canada are divided over the prospect of extending the option of medically assisted death to terminally ill patients under 18. (Canadian Paediatric Society)

By Wesley J. Smith The ink is barely dry on Canada’s expansive right to euthanasia and there is already much talk of expanding the killing to new categories–such as children. Now, after more than 600 sick people

Why the abortion industry is so defensive about the presence of children

By Dave Andrusko Here’s an exercise. What would you expect from a pro-abortion post running in the pro-abortion Huffington Post under the headline, “When The Person Shaming You For Your Abortion Is A Child: How the anti-abortion

Thoughts from a Dad as Father’s Day approaches

Editor’s note. As we near Father’s day, all this week we will be posting stories about men and abortion, including in the June digital edition of National Right to Life News which we will publish Wednesday. We’re

One day out, reflections on Earth Day and unborn children

By Dave Andrusko If there is such as thing as a reverse spoiler alert, this may well qualify. In this post, you will figure out where I am headed long before I get there. Having said that….

5 amazing things preborn children can do inside the womb

By Rebecca Downs Preborn children may not be at the same developmental stage as us, but there are many things that they can still do! They have beating hearts at only 21 days gestation, detectable brain waves

Each living child carries with him or her, the potential for greatness

March for Life 2017

By Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from Rep. Mia Love’s remarks at today’s March for Life. Forty-one years ago, a struggling couple arrived in America. They left their country and trusted their