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Jahi McMath Breathing on Own?

By Wesley J. Smith Readers may recall Jahi McMath–the teenager declared brain dead in California. Her family–assisted by the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network and the Life Legal Defense Foundation–fought the determination in court. A settlement

Brain-death, PVS, and Medical misdiagnoses

By Dave Andrusko Few topics intrigue me more than why “trends” develop, or, better put, why “givens” that have gone essentially unchallenged suddenly begin to lose their authority. We’ve written about many of them at NRL News

Family of Jahi McMath, declared brain-dead two years ago, says “You can see she is still alive and just as beautiful as ever”

By Dave Andrusko It seems almost impossible that the time has flown by this quickly, but it’s been nearly two years since Jahi McMath suffered a cardiac arrest following routine surgery and was soon after declared brain-dead.

Court Permits Evidence Jahi McMath Alive

By Wesley J. Smith A court in California has permitted Jahi McMath’s mother to present evidence that Jahi ”has standing” to bring a lawsuit. From the court’s order sustaining a demurrer (meaning the original pleadings were insufficient

Born seven weeks after mom declared brain dead, “Baby Angel” is doing well

By Dave Andrusko It will be interesting to see how many pro-abortion bloggers hate on the family of Karla Perez. Few things make them angrier than a family’s decision to keep a pregnant woman on life support

Jahi Malpractice vs “She’s Not Dead” Cases

By Wesley J. Smith To no one’s surprise, the family of Jahi McMath has sued Children’s Hospital of Oakland for medical malpractice. From the NJ.Com story: The family of Jahi McMath — a teenager now living in

Family of Jahi McMath files medical malpractice suit against California hospital and surgeon

By Dave Andrusko OAKLAND — The family of Jahi McMath officially filed its lawsuit Tuesday and for the first time provided the family’s account of what allegedly happened after Jahi underwent an operation in 2013 to treat

Rescind Jahi Death Certificate Request Coming

By Wesley J. Smith According to a media report out of New Jersey, a third doctor–the others are Shewmon and Calixto–has signed a declaration stating Jahi McMath is not brain dead. The family attorney Chris Dolan says

Mother of Jahi McMath still convinced “she will have a recovery”

  By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This story, which ran in April, was the third most read post of 2014. In October two internationally respected neurologists, Dr. Alan Shewmon and Dr. Calixto Machado, concluded that Jahi McMath

Two contrasting responses to brain-dead women carrying unborn babies

  By Wesley J. Smith So a woman is declared brain dead in Ireland, but not taken off maintenance so her unborn child can gestate long enough to survive. The family wants to bury her. But a

Making Sure Jahi Stays “Dead”?

  By Wesley J. Smith I accept properly diagnosed brain death as dead. Hence, when three doctors found that Jahi McMath was tragically gone, I accepted the diagnosis. But I also wrote that if her body did

Bioethics Push Poll to Allow Killing for Organs

  By Wesley J. Smith To donate vital organs, a donor must be dead. This is known as the “dead donor rule, I have been warning that utilitarian bioethicists and transplant medical professionals want to shatter the