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Ben Shapiro leaves pro-abortion Berkeley student speechless

Ben Shapiro

By Pete Baklinski During a Q&A session after its much-hyped speech last week at UC Berkeley, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro utterly destroyed a stock pro-abortion argument from an audience member. A student challenged Shapiro on abortion, asking

A Memorable First Day at NRL 2017

Ben Shapiro

By Dave Andrusko We are reporting from the site of 2017 National Right to Life Convention and we will periodically post throughout all three days of the pro-life educational event of the year. Attendees—and there are a

Ben Shapiro will be opening speaker at NRL 2017 June 29-July 1

For more information about the annual NRLC convention, which takes place June 29 through July 1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, please go to nrlconvention.com. You can go online to register at nrlconvention.com/register.

Ben Shapiro to be Opening Speaker at NRLC 2017 convention

By Dave Andrusko Three months and 11 days may seem like a long ways off, but, believe me, June 29th will be here before you know it. That’s the kickoff for NRLC 2017, National Right to Life’s