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Ingenious device allow researchers to “read the minds” of complete locked-in syndrome patients who say they are happy

Kerstin Wirth, who has been completely paralyzed by ALS, is shown wearing a brain-computer interface device in Geneva, Switzerland, during a test measuring her responses to 'yes' or 'no' questions. (Wyss Center)

By Dave Andrusko Of all the hundreds of stories we have written over the decades about patients with devastating brain injuries, this could be by far, the most amazing. ‘Locked-in syndrome’ is a rare neurological disorder characterized

The only incurable thing is the will to live!

An Italian doctor who requires full-time care is still a high achiever. By Michael Cook Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at mercatornet.com. Monday, February 29, was Rare Disease Day, an international initiative

Send Your Ice Bucket Challenge Donation to Ethical, Successful Adult Stem Cell Research

  By David Prentice You’ve probably heard of it by now, the Ice Bucket Challenge. Those challenged are supposed either to dump an ice bucket of cold water over their head, or donate to ALS research. Most

Funding Her Death is NOT “Charity”

  By Andrew Bair As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeps the internet, abortion activists have decided to put their own spin on the viral fundraising effort. Instead of encouraging individuals to donate to charities to fight

Initial Israel adult stem cell trials offer encouragement for ALS patients

By Dave Andrusko The story that ran yesterday in a newspaper in Israel was so heartwarming you have to remind yourself that if you’ve been skeptical of results attributed to the use of embryonic stem cells, you