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European Parliament Classifies Laws against Abortion as “violence against women and girls”

By Marie Smith, Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared here. The European Parliament (EP) took shocking and disturbing action last week when it adopted a parliamentary report which

Abortion should be like “getting your bunions” removed says top British doctor

Professor Lesley Regan

By The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children–SPUC The president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has called for abortion to be decriminalised and made more freely available. Professor Lesley Regan compared abortion to

Federal Appeals Court places stay on order expanding abortion in Missouri

By Dave Andrusko In a single sentence, Friday, the full 8th Circuit Court of Appeals placed a temporary stay on an order requiring the state of Missouri to issue licenses to additional abortion clinics. “I applaud the

Indian authorities continue crackdown on illegal abortions

By Dave Andrusko The Indian Express is reporting that Barely five months after a sex-selective abortion racket was unearthed at Mhaisal in Sangli district of Maharashtra [a state in the western region of India], district authorities of Solapur

Protesting the Minister for Children who believes some children can be killed

Katherine Zappone

Editor’s note. This comes from the Irish pro-life organization Life Institute. Last week, Katherine Zappone, a woman who is meant to be the Minister for Children, sparked a storm of criticism when she give a strident speech

Chile: Court Approves Law Legalizing Abortion

Editor’s note. The appeared on in the September digital edition of National Right to Life News. It is excerpted from a post written by the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI). Please share the contents of this

Resident chooses not to do abortions because of “abyss of ambiguity”

By Sarah Terzo From a resident who was in training to become an abortionist, but decided against performing abortions as a career: “When I started residency, I was open to the possibility of providing terminations. I was

Pro-abortionists insist the only downside of multiple abortions is not sharing the experience

By Dave Andrusko Defending multiple abortions is tricky even for militant pro-abortion sites such as rewire.com and for Guttmacher, the abortion industry’s in-house think-tank. But Steph Herold, about whose ramblings we have written multiple times, is up to

British abortion clinics to be rated in bid to clamp down on “rogue” clinics

By Dave Andrusko Nothing but nothing upsets the Abortion Industry more, I would argue, than to be regularly inspected. After all, if (as PPFA, kindred organizations, and their legion of defenders tell us) abortion is safe, safe,

Woman’s son saddened by her abortion

By Sarah Terzo One woman recalls how she told her kids about her abortion: “My only regret about having this abortion is that many years later, within the last three or maybe five years, the boys were

Moral acceptability of abortion varies widely among Protestant denominations, Gallup finds

Acceptance of Moral Issues Varies by Protestant Denomination Numbers represent % "Morally acceptable"

“Mainline” denominations far more accepting By Dave Andrusko An analysis by Gallup of aggregated data from Gallup’s annual “Values and Beliefs” surveys, conducted each May since 2001 finds that “Mainline Protestants” are far more “liberal” on moral

Planned Parenthood’s New Best Friend: The Satanic Temple

By Dave Andrusko I already knew that a lot of people and organizations on the other side keep track of what we write at NRL News Today. Even so, my head snapped back last week when I