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Pro-choice author finds “4 frightening takeaways” from new CNN poll

By Dave Andrusko On Monday we posted a story, the significance of which probably cannot be overstated but which, alas, may not have received the attention it deserves. We headlined our story on the latest CNN/ORC poll,

Knights of Columbus poll finds that large majorities support pro-life legislation and believe abortion is morally wrong

  By Dave Andrusko Each year, right around the annual March for Life, the Knights of Columbus releases the results of a poll on abortion conducted for the KOC by The Marist Institute for Public Opinion. The

Another bogus NARAL poll on abortion “restrictions”

  By Dave Andrusko In other contexts they are called “push polls,” polls worded in such as way as to push the respondent to give the “correct” (desired) results. In this case, the answers are also “pushed”

Educating on Roe vs. Wade a “must do” for 2014

  Editor’s note. The following “President’s message” from Right to Life’s President Barb Listing appeared in the Spring edition of RTL of Michigan News. Another year begins and the U.S. Supreme Court rulings legalizing abortion are still

Knights of Columbus Poll shows strong support for protective laws, immorality of abortion, and belief that abortion harms women

  By Dave Andrusko I’m still catching up on all that took place around January 22 and the March for Life. A good place to start today is to look at a very useful poll conducted for

Surprise, surprise! Thoughtful and largely accurate New York Times story on abortion polling

  By Dave Andrusko As pertains to our interests, most of the relevant polling in 2013 centered around the dramatic decline in the fortunes of President Obama and in the public’s massive disenchantment with ObamaCare. Those are

Conventional wisdom on abortion takes it on the chin

By Dave Andrusko NRL News Today has written a bushel-full of stories on various polls that show the same result: the public is wide-open to banning abortion at 20 weeks, a time by which unborn babies can

Surprise, surprise! Thoughtful and largely accurate New York Times story on abortion polling

By Dave Andrusko There is so much going on now—both at home and abroad—that not everything gets covered. For example a pretty good piece by David Leonhardt that appeared in the Sunday New York Times went by

Surprise, surprise! abortion IS a major issue in 2012 elections, Gallup reports

By Dave Andrusko http://twitter.com/daveha Gallup headlined its important story today, “Abortion Is Threshold Issue for One in Six U.S. Voters,” which is true—clearly true. Less true–decidedly less true–is the subhead: “Nearly as many single-issue abortion voters are

What’s airing on Pro-Life Perspective Today? “Gallup Shows Us What We’ve Long Known”

By Dave Andrusko National Right to Life President and Pro-Life Perspective Host Carol Tobias devotes today’s PLP to going beyond the recent Gallup headline that “Pro-Choice Americans at Record-Low.” As you recall Gallup’s Lydia Saad wrote that

Another failed attempt to minimize the results of Gallup’s poll

By Dave Andrusko The Gallup Poll and the vanishing “pro-choice” self-designation, Part Three. Ask yourself the following question. If you are pro-abortion (or a reporter  sympathetic to their cause) and Gallup finds that the lowest percentage of

Pro-Abortionists unsuccessfully try to finesse great news from latest Gallup poll

By Dave Andrusko http://twitter.com/daveha On Wednesday we posted our take on Gallup’s fascinating new poll which showed the lowest percentage ever of those who self-identified as “pro-choice.”  That pitifully low 41% could not be brushed aside, so