Pro-abortionists recycle transparently foolish explanations to explain why they lose and lose and lose


  By Dave Andrusko When pro-abortionists lose, or–in the case of the mid-term elections–get pummeled, it can never be because the pro-life candidates were superior, the Pro-Life Movement, led by NRLC, out-organized them, or because the voters have grown weary

Study shows children with Spina Bifida fare better with in utero surgery


By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. Not so long ago there was a fair amount of skepticism whether in utero surgery was, on the whole, a good idea for babies diagnosed with spina bifida. As we talk about in “First baby

Simple Reminders about the Value of Adoption


  By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation As I sit here at my desk and type, I can see my little sister’s picture in the corner of my eye. Her face is vibrant as she poses in her

In Spite of Protest, March Draws 2,500 to Defend Life for Down Syndrome in Zurich


  By Joannes Bucher In spite of growing anti-life opposition, about 2,500 pro-life faithful mobilized for the March for Life in Zurich, drawing attention to the right to life of every unborn child, especially those with Down syndrome. Such public

“Alive Inside” and the power of music to arouse the elderly


  A touching documentary asks why so many elderly have been abandoned in dehumanising nursing homes. By Michael Cook Caring for patients with dementia will probably be one of the biggest human dignity issues of our century, as the proportion

Democrats retain pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader

Pro-life Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Pro-abortion House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca)

  By Dave Andrusko The headline is that Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives this morning re-elected pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) as minority leader. She was elected without opposition, by voice vote. It’s not quite that simple, however. Previously

Surprise, surprise, TIME magazine folds under pro-abortion pressure


  By Dave Andrusko We all knew it was a matter of not whether but when TIME magazine would fold like a cheap suit. To dare to poke fun at “feminists” could only incur the wrath of the usual humorless

Pro-abortion Sen. Mary Landrieu faces tough odds in re-election bid but has prevailed in tight races before


  By Andrew Bair The 2014 elections swept many formidable pro-abortion incumbents from the Senate. The last to remain standing is Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, who has voted against the pro-life position on every vote scored by NRLC during her

Nearly-aborted, Ghanaian teenager wins Junior Olympic gold medal

17-year-old Martha Bissah just after she won a gold medal in the Junior Olympics. With her are the Silver and Bronze medal winners.

  By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This inspiring story appeared in the November post-election issue of National Right to Life News. You can read the entire 34-page edition at I follow sports very closely, youth sports almost as closely,

Opponent of Tennessee’s Amendment 1 readily concedes it passed fair and square


  By Dave Andrusko In the latest digital edition of National Right to Life News, we wrote about the cranky, convoluted, content-free lawsuit filed against the passage of Tennessee’s “Amendment 1.” (See “Sore losers in Tennessee file frivolous lawsuit to

“Who Would Want a Child Like That?” We Would!


  Editor’s note. November is National Adoption Month. NRL News Today is running some of the best stories we’ve ever published in National Right to Life News. This following first ran in our December 1998 issue and was updated in

The True Face of the Movement: Pro-Choice is No Choice


  By Maaike Rosendal When the campus pro-life club at McMaster University in Hamilton [Ontario, Canada] asked me to speak at a public pro-life event, I didn’t expect the audience to be sympathetic to our cause. It didn’t come as