After losing one challenge, pro-abortionists ask Oklahoma Supreme Court to stop another law from taking effect

Oklahoma County District Court Judge Bill Graves

By Dave Andrusko Having lost one challenge last week against a protective Oklahoma law, the Center for Reproductive Rights (as promised) filed an emergency motion Monday with the Oklahoma Supreme Court, asking the court to put on hold the state’s

New pro-abortion book “likely to horrify and alienate everyone who isn’t already initiated into her death cult”


By Dave Andrusko We’ve posted several times on Katha Pollitt’s new book. We’ve done so not because of its originality (pro-abortionists are the ultimate “Greens”; they recycle the same nonsense over and over), but because her fans have convinced themselves

Why I’m afraid of Steven Fletcher’s assisted-suicide bill

Dr. Heidi Janz

Editor’s note. This article was first published in the Toronto Star on October 26, 2014. By Heidi Janz Like many Canadians with disabilities, I have been following the renewed national debate on legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia with growing fear

Our Movement summarized in ten words: “There Was a Life That Had to Be Cared For”

Simon Barnes and his son, Eddie

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. We are approaching the end of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. NRL News Today has run a number of new and “best of” stories about the challenges and the blessings of these special children. The following

Kansas gubernatorial challenger Paul Davis’ extremist support for abortion

Pro-abortion extremist Paul Davis (right) is challenging pro-life Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life Kansas is a leading pro-life state, electing a pro-life super majority to both chambers. We’ve enacted many benchmark pro-life laws signed by pro-life GOP Gov. Sam Brownback. Brownback is seeking re-election, opposed by

Irish Abortion campaigners planned to import abortion pills

Niamh Ui Bhriain

Editor’s note. The following comes from the Irish Pro-life organization, Life Institute. The “Leinster House” in the first sentence refers to the seat of the national parliament of Ireland. Abortion campaigners, including two political researchers in Leinster House, along with

If Suicide’s a Right, Must be Open to All

Supreme Court of Canada

By Wesley J. Smith   As regular readers know, I am increasingly impatient with the phoniness of the assisted suicide debate. Hemlock sellers pretend that it will be strictly limited. But they also claim that assisted suicide is the ultimate

Clinic worker: we tried to keep the machinery moving


By Sarah Terzo Last Days Ministries publishes a pamphlet called “Abortion Clinics: An Inside Look” which has interviews with former clinic workers. The first clinic worker, whose name is not given, talks about how her clinic would try to get women to

Clinic administrator: I had no conception that “life was sacred”

Merle Hoffman

By Sarah Terzo From clinic owner and administrator Merle Hoffman, on counseling women for their abortions: “Choice” is sometimes not a choice at all. It is an outcome determined by the economic, physical, sociological, and political factors that surround women…

Do we vote in accordance with what we say we believe?


  By Dave Andrusko Unlike some, I don’t make a habit of bashing people for not voting. As an old-fashioned patriotic type, I believe it is our civil—and moral obligation—to take responsibility for shaping our democracy. But, at the same

Same newspaper that lends a sympathetic ear to mothers who abort children with Down syndrome does sterling job at revealing how younger and younger preemies are surviving

Premature: Lily Burrows, pictured with mother Gillian, had just a 5 per cent chance of survival when she was born prematurely at 23 weeks. A significant number of babies born at 23 weeks now survive

  By Dave Andrusko It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at the offices of the Daily Mail newspaper in Great Britain. Why? To be able to figure out how on the one hand this newspaper

Yes on 1 Turns Focus To Unlicensed Abortion Facility


  911 Emergency Call Released at Press Conference Editor’s note. This update was provided by “Yes on 1,” a reference to the amendment to the state Constitution that will be on the ballot November 4. The amendment would nullify a