Labrador finds abandoned baby on side of road, umbilical cord still attached

24 Hour News 8’s Henry Erb speaks to Jeff Kopp, who along with his dog Bobby found a newborn on the side of the road near Diamond Lake.

  By Dave Andrusko Mid-morning on Monday Jeff Kopp of White Cloud, Michigan, was walking Bobby, his black Labrador mix, when the dog pulled him down the road and toward a satellite dish. Kopp told WOOD-TV that he normally doesn’t

Appeals Panel strikes down law that would have closed Mississippi’s last abortion clinic

Judge Emilo Garza

  By Dave Andrusko A split three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today struck down a Mississippi law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. Just last March a separate three-judge panel

Infamous abortionist Brigham in court again trying to get suspended license back

Abortionist Steven Brigham

  By Dave Andrusko It’s important to remember that long before there was abortionist Kermit Gosnell, convicted of three counts of first-degree murder, there were plenty of abortionists who were so outrageous even their Abortion Industry brethren tried to separate

Where have we heard this before? Pro-abortionists shunning “pro-choice” label


  By Dave Andrusko Wait a minute. Didn’t we just write about this? Yes, we did, in January 2013. (See; and Like a snake shedding an old skin, pro-abortionists were keen to be free of the “pro-choice” label.

Another deeply deceptive pro-abortion bill introduced, this time in Pennsylvania


  By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation The abortion industry and its allies incessantly insist that pro-lifers are waging a “War on Women.” But as a new bill in Pennsylvania illustrates once more, it is pro-abortionists who habitually

“Chloe’s Law” stands for providing expectant mothers with information about Down syndrome, not for denying them evidence-based information

Chloe Kondrich prays as Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signs “Chloe’s Law"  (used with permission of Kurt Kondrich)

  By Mark Bradford, President, Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, USA On July 18, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed into law the “Down Syndrome Prenatal and Postnatal Education Act” commonly known as “Chloe’s Law.” Pennsylvania became the 7th state to implement legislation

Kansas City abortion clinic closes without warning


  By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life As confirmed by the Associated Press Monday, the Aid for Women (AFW) abortion clinic has closed abruptly, citing the retirement of its abortionist, Ronald Yeomans (age 73), as the reason. The

Euthanasia could be option for poor, says Lithuanian health minister

Lithuanian Health Minister Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė

  By Michael Cook Euthanasia might be needed for poor people who cannot access palliative care, the new Lithuanian Health Minister has suggested. Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė was sworn earlier this month, but already she has made waves by backing an open

Assisted Suicide Death Cult “Death Coaching”

Philip Nitschke

  By Wesley J. Smith I discovered the assisted suicide death cult when my friend Frances killed herself under the influence of the Hemlock Society, since evolved into Compassion and Choices. This pernicious group taught her how to kill herself,

Former clinic worker on how pro-choicers view women who regret their abortions

  By Sarah Terzo “The pro-abortion movement makes a lot of noise about respecting a woman’s heartfelt and well-considered “choice” to have an abortion—but only if she remains quietly pro-choice and regret-free afterwards. That same woman becomes a “traitor” to

National Right to Life & Arkansas Right to Life Endorse Tom Cotton for U.S. Senate


  “Tom Cotton is needed in the U.S. Senate” WASHINGTON – The National Right to Life Committee, together with its affiliate, Arkansas Right to Life, today endorsed Rep. Tom Cotton for election to the U.S. Senate. “As a member of

PPFA Cecile Richards’ interview with Bill Moyers: The “rest of the story”

Bill Moyers interviewing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

  By Dave Andrusko Understandably so, pro-lifers have paid the most attention to PPFA President Cecile Richards’ bizarre comparison of abortion to a colonoscopy in a July 18 interview with Bill Moyers. But if you either saw the program (which