National Right to Life: Return Roberts to the US Senate

Senator Pat Roberts

  Kansas Senator Pat Roberts Endorsed for Re-election WASHINGTON – The National Right to Life Committee, the nation’s major pro-life organization, today joined with the Kansans for Life Political Action Committee in issuing a strong endorsement for the re-election of

“The Waiting” celebrates a Prayer answered


  By Dave Andrusko A little over two years ago, I wrote a story I remember to this day…and I’ll bet most of you who read “A Prayer Answered: 100-year-old-Mother reunited with biological daughter” do as well. Minka Disbrow’s story

New Gosnell film passes $1 million funding mark

Magdalena Segieda, Phelim McAleer, and Ann McElhinney

  By Dave Andrusko It’s important to remember that the “new” film about abortionist/murderer Kermit Gosnell depends on the husband-and-wife filmmaking team of Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney raising enough money. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, after a row

Woman who vowed to abort to advance career won’t appear on reality show after all

Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/Viral News Video

  By Dave Andrusko Celebrity “reality shows” ordinarily take to controversy like a duck to water. But it was not long after a pregnant….aspiring model…said she would abort to increase her chances of appearing on “Celebrity Big Brother” than the

Team Hoyt’s final Boston Marathon a tribute to a son’s potential and a father’s love


  By Gina L. Diorio For those of us who are runners or who follow running, this Monday is not your average Monday: it’s Boston Marathon Monday. And while thousands of runners gather to tackle the epic 26.2 miles, I’d

Former clinic worker, abortion activist: “We created a monster”

Joan Appleton

  By Sarah Terzo Before her tragic death in 2012, former abortion clinic nurse Joan Appleton traveled the country speaking out against abortion. She gave her testimony at different events, and her speeches were recorded and distributed. Her journey from

Alaska’s annual abortion report rife with vague answers & partial responses


  By Patricia Coll Freeman, Alaska’s latest annual report on abortions reveals that abortion practitioners are increasingly failing to provide specific answers to questions about their practice or only partially filling out responses to queries about how, why and

Euthanasia debate is alive and well

Susan Martinuk

  By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Editor’s note. This column was written by Susan Martinuk and published in the Calgary Herald April 18. By Susan Martinuk When you don’t have facts and/or good arguments, the only way

MDs Serving “Society” Aren’t Professionals

Dr. Paul A. Heidenreich

  By Wesley J. Smith This isn’t good. Apparently, some medical societies are buying into the distrust sowing meme that doctors should give better care to some patients than to others. Why? Duty to society. From the New York Times

Are Hollywood’s pro-abortion leanings to blame for its aversion to a film about abortionist Kermit Gosnell?


  By Andrew Bair Hollywood usually has no qualms about showing graphic violence or making films about human tragedies. The most recent Oscar winner for Best Picture was 12 Years a Slave, a film about the brutal history of slavery

Six in Ten Americans think President Obama lies on important matters

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

  By Dave Andrusko In the wake of having his “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” assurance designated 2013’s “Lie of the year,” it probably shouldn’t surprise us that a Fox News Poll released Wednesday

Arizona governor Brewer signs HB2284 allowing unannounced inspection of abortion clinics, law similar to statutes in nine other states

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

  By Dave Andrusko Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed the Women’s Health Protection Act into law, assuring that abortion clinics are now subject to the same safety and inspection standards as all other health care institutions, such as primary-care