An important pro-life provision to protect, an important pro-life protection to enact


The Hyde Amendment and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act By Dave Andrusko Earlier this week, Lindsey Bever wrote a story for the Washington Post whose headline was a quote from congressional testimony: “The only reason I am alive is

The Networks’ total silence on the Hyde Amendment


By Dave Andrusko You might think that with 2016 being the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment; with Hillary Clinton and her party pledging an all-out war against this provision which is attached to the annual appropriations bill that covers

How to do well on that Pro-Life Research Paper


The Secret? Use Materials from the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D. and Joseph Landrum It seems as if you’re barely back from summer vacation and your teacher asks you to do a report

39 days and counting


By Dave Andrusko On November 8, the United States electorate will make a monumentally important decision: will pro-life Donald Trump be our next President or will it be Planned Parenthood’s all-time favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton? Will our citizens choose the

Neutrality kills: when medical associations go “neutral” on assisted suicide


By Nancy Valko In 1994, Oregon became the first state to pass a physician-assisted suicide law. This came after the Oregon Medical Association changed its position from opposition to neutrality. 21 years later and after multiple failed attempts, the California

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards Brags: ‘We’re Proud of’ Performing Abortions on Netflix’s ‘Chelsea’

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

By Karen Townsend A recent episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, “I Was a Ticking Time Bomb,” turned into a mini abortion rally and Planned Parenthood commercial. Extreme left-wing feminist Gloria Steinem was on the show to promote her book My Life

The power of biased words to tilt treatment away from the medically dependent


By Dave Andrusko This was to be a short post. The graphic, reproduced below, is the story. But the more I thought about it, the longer this post became. “Medscape” (as explained by Nancy Valko) is “a password-protected website for

Is the moral status of unborn human beings “a matter of religious faith”?


By Paul Stark Prof. David Schultz writes: “When it comes to the issue of abortion, this is not a scientific issue but instead a matter first of theology and then ethics. There is no scientific answer to when life begins.

Young woman takes job at clinic, then finds out they do abortions


By Sarah Terzo A young woman living independently of her mother for the first time gets involved in an abortion clinic without knowing it: “I enrolled at Miami-Dade College and answered a newspaper ad seeking a receptionist at a Women’s

Assisted suicide, up close and personal

Assisted Suicide is not the answer

A Washington state psychotherapist relates the chilling story of how her disabled client died. By Michael Cook It’s not often that the background to cases of legal assisted suicide emerges. But in the summer newsletter of End of Life Washington,

French government announces plan to criminalize websites opposing abortion

Laurence Rossignol

September 29, 2016 — The French minister for Families, Childhood and Women’s Rights is celebrating the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion with a plan to gag a number of websites that “mislead” women into

The Hyde Amendment initiated the incremental strategy which has saved millions and millions of lives

More than two million people are alive today thanks to the tireless efforts led by Rep. Henry Hyde

By Dave Andrusko As we’ve highlighted multiple times, 2016 is the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, whose life-saving impact (in the words of NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson) “has proven itself to be the greatest domestic abortion reduction law

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