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Advised repeatedly to abort, parents celebrate healthy baby’s first birthday

Emie Scott celebrates her birthday with sister Ava, 4

By Dave Andrusko Jo Scott says of her young daughter, who just celebrated her first birthday, “She’s feisty, she’s cheeky, she’s independent and she is amazing.” Sounds pretty typical, right? But only a year ago, doctors advised Jo and Chris

Lands’ End CEO out who authorized photo spread interview of Gloria Steinem

This photo spread interview with Gloria Steinem triggered a storm of criticism and a hasty retreat by Lands' End.

By Dave Andrusko Seems like it was only yesterday–actually it was last February—when Federica Marchionni, the CEO of Lands’ End, decided it would be a really cool idea to run a photo spread interview with (of all people) Gloria Steinem

Across from Arkansas’ Only Surgical Abortionist, Pregnancy Center to Add Mobile Services

Jennifer Gunderman, APRC's Board President (left) with Theresa Suffern, APRC's Nurse Manager, in a Save the Storks bus, which they hope to bring to Little Rock by Dec. 2017. Photo Courtesy: Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center

By Jessica Rutan As a pregnancy center with a uniquely strategic location—directly across the street from the only surgical abortion facility in the state—the Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center is planning to leverage its location even more by adding a mobile

As first presidential debate approaches, Trump assumes slight lead over Clinton


By Dave Andrusko   The latest Fox News poll is right in line with a rush of surveys that have turned the conventional wisdom about the 2016 presidential election on its head. Pro-life Donald Trump is now ahead of pro-abortion

Pro-life Donald Trump sends out letter outlining stark contrasts with pro-abortion Hillary Clinton on abortion


By Dave Andrusko In a letter released today, pro-life Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump carefully contrasted the vast differences he has with pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton, which included reaffirming his pledge to nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. Clinton

AMA to hold interim meeting to consider abandoning decades-long opposition to assisted suicide


By Jennifer Popik, JD Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics There is an effort currently underway within the influential American Medical Association (AMA) to abandon its decades-long position opposing assisted suicide and take a neutral stance. At its July 2017

Georgia Life Alliance recognizes Rep. Doug Collins as Federal Legislator of the year

Left to Right: Georgia Life Alliance Executive Director, Rep.Doug Collins (R-Georgia), and Georgia Life Alliance Board Chair, Lance Cooper.

ATLANTA – U.S. Representative Doug Collins was awarded the Georgia Life Alliance (GLA) Federal Legislator of the Year Award at the “Life at the Party Gala” held on Saturday, September 10 at the Atlanta Athletic Club. Rep. Collins, first elected

INTERVIEW: Israel Stinson’s mom on battle with hospital that turned off toddler’s life support against her wishes


By Lisa Bourne FAIRFIELD, California, September 13, 2016 — After losing her young son recently when a hospital disconnected his life support, Jonee Fonseca spoke about the little boy she lost and said she wants people to be aware of how her child’s

Pregnancy Help Leader: “It is neither Catholic nor moral to advocate abortion”


By Jay Hobbs Responding to a full-page ad purchased by Catholics for Choice in newspapers across the country Tuesday, a pregnancy help organization executive director in Chicago pushed back with a brief, but powerful letter published in the Chicago Sun-Times under the

New Zealand Medical Association states: Euthanasia – The risk is too great and the consequences are final


By Alex Schadenberg International Chair – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The New Zealand government’s  Health Select Committee is currently gathering evidence as it considers the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide. According to NewsHub,  the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA), that

Mick Wallace’s Abortion Bill Marks Babies with a Severe Disability as Less Than Human

Despite support from several ministers, the Fatal Foetal Abnormalities Bill was rejected in the Irish Parliament

By Niamh Ui Bhriain Life Institute {Northern Ireland} Abortion is a hotly debated issue, but it is difficult to imagine a more cruel or discriminatory tactic than that now being adopted by campaigners in the latest push for abortion in

Teen mom killed in car crash, but doctors able to save her 8-month-old unborn child

Dulce Capetillo

By Dave Andrusko When an unborn baby is “wanted”–especially when his or her formal arrival is eagerly anticipated–even newspapers as almost uniformly pro-abortion as the Washington Post willingly acknowledge the little one is not a “fetus” but an unborn child.

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