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Labrador finds abandoned baby on side of road, umbilical cord still attached

24 Hour News 8’s Henry Erb speaks to Jeff Kopp, who along with his dog Bobby found a newborn on the side of the road near Diamond Lake.

  By Dave Andrusko Mid-morning on Monday Jeff Kopp of White Cloud, Michigan, was walking

Political leaders without a conscience want to take away your conscience rights


  Oh, how far the Democratic party leadership has moved on certain social issues. And

Josie Cunningham says she drank and smoked after finding out her child was a boy

Josie Cunningham

  By Lauren Enriquez Josie Cunningham, a British model who made headlines

A memorable opening to the 44th NRLC National Convention


  By Dave Andrusko The opening sessions of the 44th annual National Right to Life convention were everything

School Computer system blocks NRLC, ready access to PPFA and NARAL

Andrew Lampart

  By Dave Andrusko National Right to Life was apparently guilty of wrong-thinking—or worse– at least

Three months later “stillborn baby” thriving


  By Dave Andrusko Good news—indeed, great news—is always welcomed, even if we learn about it after the fact. Back on

Father’s Day and the Privilege of Faithfulness


  By Dave Andrusko Over the last seven days, in anticipation of Father’s Day, we’ve run at least one post

The hearts of the ancients were not hardened to the deaths of children and preborn, what about us?

A CT scan of an Egyptian artifact shows signs of human remains within, proving it is probably a real mummy. 
Swansea University Egypt Centre

  By Dave Andrusko My apologies for getting to

Pro-Abortion Activists Attack Amendment 1, Calling Pro-Life Supporters “Tennessee Taliban”

Pro-Abortion Opponents Ad Placed Sunday, May 25

  Newspaper Ads Across the State Disregard Facts, Victims of Taliban Regime Editor’s note. This update was

Stephen Sutton lived everyday with dignity

Stephen Sutton

  By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Stephen Sutton, who, at the age of 19, died of

”Unspeakable Conversations”

The late Harriet McBryde Johnson

  Editor’s note. William Peace’s brilliant “A Reply to “What Should We Do About Severely Impaired Babies?” invoked the late Harriet McBryde Johnson, a disability

Moms in the Movement are Doubly Blessed!


  By Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President Every Mother deserves our love and thanks this Mother’s Day.  The loving devotion