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Poll shows the primary reason almost half of Trump’s and Clinton’s supporters will vote for them is desire to defeat the other candidate


By Dave Andrusko The headline on the AOL News post was, “Top reason Americans will vote for Trump: ‘To stop Clinton.’” Why might you find this a remarkable headline? Well, while it is true that Donald Trump has received (according

Mothers Day and the calloused pro-abortion heart


By Dave Andrusko In the weeks preceding Mother’s Day, it has become a ritual for some women who’ve aborted to proudly tell us they feel….nothing on Mother’s Day. As Jenny Kutner put it earlier this week, her abortion of nearly

Florida Supreme Court votes 5-2 to take up challenge to 24-hour waiting period law


By Dave Andrusko Coming as no surprise, on Thursday the Florida Supreme Court voted 5-2 to review the challenge brought by the ACLU against Florida’s law requiring a woman to meet in person with an abortionist at least 24 hours

I’m One of Canada’s Expendable

By Mark Pickup Editor’s note. Mr. Pickup, who has multiple sclerosis,  is a Canadian disability rights activist who has spoken at National Right to Life’s annual convention. And so we wait for “progressive” Canada to “progress” to its next phase of

‘Scandal’ Lead Character on Abortion: ‘I’m Not Ashamed at All’


By Alexa Moutevelis Coombs   Since ABC’s Scandal’s winter finale in November ended with lead Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) heartlessly killing her unborn baby to the tune of the Christmas hymn “Silent Night,” the abortion has not been mentioned on the show. In fact,

CA Hospital Says “No” to Assisted Suicide


By Wesley J. Smith In California, it is a time of choosing for individuals, families, and the medical sector. Will doctors prescribe poison to their terminally ill patients, if asked? Will hospitals allow patients to commit suicides on premises? If

Victory in New York Court – No right to assisted suicide


Editor’s note This article was published on the Not Dead Yet website and reposted by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.   A clear and welcome ruling came down Tuesday, May 3rd, from the NY Appellate Division in an assisted suicide case in which

10 quotes from women who had an abortion by pill


By Sarah Terzo Women who take the abortion pill RU-486 regimen can face emotional and physical hardship during and after they expel their preborn babies. Medical abortions occur in the first trimester, as described by Dr. Anthony Levatino in the video below: Here

Impassioned Defense of Life on Telemundo Prime-Time Telenovela


By Jorge Bonilla Editor’s note. This appeared at “Telenovela” is a kind of Latin American soap opera which is hugely popular. Our domestic Spanish-language network television model is pretty straightforward: there is news and there is entertainment – and

Refusing to see this little light of mine


By Dave Andrusko Last night our youngest daughter invited my wife Lisa and me to attend a lecture delivered by Anthony Doerr, the novelist whose New York Times bestseller All the Light We Cannot See Louisa had read but we

Woman’s motherly instinct saves newborn baby boy abandoned in a trash compactor

Trash compactor

By Dave Andrusko It was the Friday before Easter–Good Friday–and Paula Andrews and another woman were merely throwing some trash away when they heard a sound. According to KCPQ-Fox News, Andrews said the other woman actually heard the sound coming

A mother who’d lost her unborn baby angrily responses to NARAL


By Eleanor Josephine Editor’s note. The following was posted at Right to Life of Montana. The introduction is from Lianna Karlin, president of RTL of Montana President. NARAL, National Abortion Rights Action League, one of the nation’s most vehement abortion

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