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Oliver Sacks: choosing to live his last few months “in the richest, deepest, most productive way I can”

Prof. Oliver Sacks

By Dave Andrusko You may not know who Oliver Sacks is, but you may well be familiar with some of his work. He is a professor of neurology at the New York University School of Medicine and a prolific author.

Baby born with amniotic sac intact, placenta and umbilical cord tucked inside


By Dave Andrusko Over the years—indeed over the decades—pro-abortionists have offered up painfully arcane explanations to convince the public that the unborn does not deserve legal protection at [fill in the blank]. Many/most insist that abortion ought to be legal

Abandoned in a sewer, baby rescued in dramatic fashion, expected to recover fully

The dramatic moment when little baby rescued from sewer.

By Dave Andrusko “Incredible” is a much over-used superlative, but what else could describe the rescue of a three-month-old baby from a sewer in Mexico City? Alicia Tejada Ramos, a local resident of the Toriello Guerra neighborhood of Mexico City,

“A Child’s future is worth every sacrifice”


By Dave Andrusko This was to be a short post which expanded as I thought more and more about “My dad’s story: Dream for My Child,” which is also dubbed “My Dad’s A Liar! (A Child’s Future Is Worth Every

Just four hours before hospital to turn off ventilator, woman “magically wakes up”


  By Dave Andrusko On December 12, 56-year-old Teri Roberts fell ill with flu-like symptoms which quickly turned serious. Admitted to the hospital, the grandmother-of-five “was diagnosed with Group A streptococcus, which led to toxic shock syndrome,” The Daily Mail

Holocaust Memorial Day – 27 January 2015


  By Peter Saunders Editor’s note. 70 years ago tomorrow the Allies liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. The following was written by Peter Saunders, a former general surgeon and CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK

Keep On Keeping On

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

by Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President Yesterday, the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, was a day of mixed emotions, a great high and a deep disappointment. Marches, rallies, and memorial services were held across the

Washington Post’s agenda clear in its slanted coverage of March for Life


By Dave Andrusko    You would think—or maybe not—that just to change things up, the Washington Post might actually treat a massive “March for Life” in an even-handed way. Or at least acknowledge, in some fashion, that no movement brings

Abortion language and abortion coverage


By Dave Andrusko Over the years we’ve learned from and quoted from “Get Religion,” because it addresses how too many journalists use—and misuse—religion and religious labels in policy debates. They also frequently discuss the loaded way pro-lifers and pro-abortionists are

Millions view time-lapse video of a mom’s entire nine-month pregnancy

By Dave Andrusko I readily confess I am a pushover when it comes to time-lapse videos that “document” a baby’s development from the very early stages to delivery—and beyond. But, obviously, I am not the only one. If you go

Autos for Life rolls into 2015!


By David N. O’Steen, Jr. Editor’s note. This appeared in the January digital edition of National Right to Life News. The entire issue can be read at     With the New Year upon us, and 2015 having the potential

A must read for pro-life activists: “The State of Abortion in America, 2015”


By Dave Andrusko    There is such a rush leading up to the January 22 March for Life that sometimes very important information does not get its proper due. Such, perhaps, was the case with NRLC’s “The State of Abortion