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Impassioned Defense of Life on Telemundo Prime-Time Telenovela


By Jorge Bonilla Editor’s note. This appeared at “Telenovela” is a kind of Latin American soap opera which is hugely popular. Our domestic Spanish-language network television model is pretty straightforward: there is news and there is entertainment – and

Refusing to see this little light of mine


By Dave Andrusko Last night our youngest daughter invited my wife Lisa and me to attend a lecture delivered by Anthony Doerr, the novelist whose New York Times bestseller All the Light We Cannot See Louisa had read but we

Woman’s motherly instinct saves newborn baby boy abandoned in a trash compactor

Trash compactor

By Dave Andrusko It was the Friday before Easter–Good Friday–and Paula Andrews and another woman were merely throwing some trash away when they heard a sound. According to KCPQ-Fox News, Andrews said the other woman actually heard the sound coming

A mother who’d lost her unborn baby angrily responses to NARAL


By Eleanor Josephine Editor’s note. The following was posted at Right to Life of Montana. The introduction is from Lianna Karlin, president of RTL of Montana President. NARAL, National Abortion Rights Action League, one of the nation’s most vehement abortion

Brazilians against loosening protective abortion laws, resisting pressure to change in light of Zika virus


By Dave Andrusko In spite of an onslaught of international pressure, 51% of Brazilians (in the Associated Press’s words) “are against loosening Brazil’s strict anti-abortion laws even when microcephaly has been confirmed. Only 39 percent agree with a change in

“My Beautiful Woman” video series: a powerful pro-life message from an unexpected source


By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This much appreciated post ran two years ago. We are re-running this post because it is terrific and because, as was the case when we first ran the story, my family is digging its way

Hillary Clinton’s dismal “Town Hall” performance

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko The Washington Post runs a column under the headline, “Who had the worst week in Washington,” typically choosing an individual who had… a really bad week. If there was an award for “Who had the worst day

What does the public think about appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court?

By Dave Andrusko    A couple of weeks ago we posted about Hillary Clinton’s response to an inquiry whether (given that the next president could easily have several nominations to the Supreme Court) she’d consider President Obama. According to Tony

The Push to Violate Religious Objections against participating in Assisted Suicide

David Grube, a national medical director for Compassion and Choices

By WESLEY J. SMITH When seeking to convince a wary public to legalize assisted suicide, euthanasia pushers ooze with promises and assurances that it will only be a last resort–never actually a legal requirement–and that doctors and religious facilities can

Congressional-Executive Commission on China Holds Hearing Addresses Gendercide in China

Julie Ford Brenning, the Director of Research & China Outreach for the organization, Give Her Life

Editor’s note. This analysis/summary was provided by the office of Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ). WASHINGTON, DC – The problem of “gendercide”—the deliberate extermination of a girl child simply because she happens to be a girl—was the topic of a hearing

Will “Ultrasound” be aired on Super Bowl Sunday?


By Dave Andrusko   Remember how we posted about a life-affirming  Doritos ad that could  air on Super Bowl Sunday. What I didn’t realize, but should have, is that we won’t know if “Ultrasound” is the winner until three days

Critical Abortion Vote in Northern Ireland Next Week


Editor’s note. This update was provided by the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues.   In an unexpected move, Northern Ireland’s Legislative Assembly will vote next week on legislation to legalize abortion.   Two amendments introduced to pending legislation would change

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