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4-year-old boy complains of stomach pains, doctors find remains of dead twin inside him


By Dave Andrusko It is almost too incredible to believe–and it is exceedingly rare–but the remains of a dead baby were found in a 4-year-old Indian boy who had complained of stomach pains. The International Business Times (IBT) reported yesterday

RU-486 at 15: An Infamous Anniversary


By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research Come September 28, it will 15 years since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced official approval for the abortifacient RU-486 to be sold in the United States. For

Parents bathe terminally ill newborn in love and kisses


By Dave Andrusko If you did not know otherwise, you would look at the photos of Erika and Stephen Jones and their newborn daughter Abigail and be tempted to coo. Add Audrey, their two-year-daughter, and your first thought at that

Baby given 1 percent chance of survival turns 12 after mom refuses abortion

By Nancy Flanders Editor’s note. My family will be on vacation through the end of this week. I will be posting an occasional new story, but for the most part we will be re-posting columns that ran over the last

Kansas Becomes the First State to Enact Groundbreaking Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Kansas Gov. Brownback signs SB 95.
With the governor are (l-r) the Kansans for Life Legislative team: Jeanne Gawdun, Kathy Ostrowski, and
Jessica Basgall, J.D; and conferees Barbara Saldivar,State Director for Concerned Women for America, and Michael Schuttloffel, Executive Director, Kansas Catholic Conference.

Editor’s note. My family will be on vacation through the end of next week. I will be posting an occasional new story, but for the most part we will be re-posting columns that ran over the last year. Many will

“One says Mom and one says Dad”


By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. On Fridays I often reprint stories about videos that have a real pro-life message, even if they are not necessarily intended to be so. Here’s one from February 2015. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

Death and comedy – what’s it really all about?


By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia Many a comedian will comment, in a serious moment, about their fear of a ‘death on the stage’. Though history records the actual death of performers in such circumstances, comedians know it as the

NRLC President records video message to encourage women facing unexpected pregnancy


By Carol Tobias, president National Right to Life Dear Friends, If you watched the fourth video from the Center for Medical Progress, I know you were as heart-broken as I was to see the organs and body parts from a

Fourth undercover video raises additional questions about PPFA fetal organ extraction practices


By Dave Andrusko    Yesterday National Right to Life called what was shown on the fourth undercover video released by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) “sickening and deplorable.” While NRLC President Carol Tobias was specifically referencing Dr. Savita Ginde

Hartford man who hired hit man to kill girlfriend who would not abort sentenced to 80 years in prison


By Dave Andrusko   In June 2013, NRL News Today carried the sad, sad story of Shamari Jenkins, who had planned to name her unborn child Ja’seon Carlton. Although she did not want to have a child by her boyfriend,

Federal judge dismisses abortion lawsuit


By Dave Andrusko   On Wednesday, a pregnant prisoner who had gone to court to get a restraining order to force authorities to allow her to leave jail to have an abortion changed her mind. In a sworn statement on

The face of evil comes complete with nice table manners


By Dave Andrusko   The outrageous behavior, described in the kind of soothing, matter-of-fact better suited to a discussion of items on the restaurant menu, has sparked some of the most eloquent pro-life responses I’ve ever read. Of course I

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