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“And another boy!” –Planned Parenthood’s Harvesting-to-Custom Order of Baby Body Parts is ‘Sickening and Deplorable’


A fourth undercover video by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), released today, appears to show a senior physician-executive of an affiliate of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) casually discussing the harvesting and trafficking of body parts from

Still crazy after all these years: “There is no reason a conversation about products of conception requires more or less reverence than one about a kidney or a biopsy specimen”


By Dave Andrusko   We have four posts today that investigate various components of a scandal that has Planned Parenthood calling in the heavyweight PR-types to spin the story out of the danger zone. But first something I’ve been meaning

What will “Last Cab to Darwin” tell us about euthanasia?


By Dave Andrusko    Haven’t watched a gabillion “road” pictures, from “Road to Bali” to “The Road Warrior,” I can see why the genre would “fit” a “warm-hearted drama” about euthanasia. Even more so since “Last Cab to Darwin [Australia]”

Fourth Undercover Planned Parenthood video: “Here’s some organs for you, they’re all attached”


By Dave Andrusko   When you say you think you’d seen it all, you always run the risk of the next video from the Center for Medical Progress being even more unnerving. And that’s what happened with today’s release. I

Pregnant inmate changes her mind, no longer wishes to abort her child


By Dave Andrusko   An unidentified Alabama prisoner who went to federal court to force authorities to allow her to leave jail to have an abortion has changed her mind. In a sworn statement filed Wednesday on behalf of a

Middleman in PPFA baby body part scandal secures temporary restraining order

CEO AND FOUNDER of Stem Express, Cate Dyer, stands next to a photograph of a stem cell and smaller magnetically charged antibodies on at Stem Express on Pacific Street on Nov. 12. Lab technicians at the facility used the charged antibodies in the collection process of many different types of cells for research. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

By Dave Andrusko On Tuesday a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge gave StemExpress part of what it sought: a temporary restraining order that bars the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video from a May 22 meeting between

S.C. Legislature Investigating Abortion-Related Funding


By Holly Gatling, Executive Director South Carolina Citizens for Life In the wake of published undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s grotesque involvement in harvesting aborted baby organs– including livers, hearts, brains, and skin — for sale to biotech companies, South Carolina

Suicide Should Not Be Made Easy


By Wesley J. Smith Suicide should not be easy to access. It should be difficult. That is how lives are sometimes saved. I daresay, there may be people reading this post who once wanted to die for enduring and understandable

Former PP member: “Serious breaches of medical ethics” at Planned Parenthood


By Amanda Read In the latest installment of an exclusive interview with Salon’s David Daley, Camille Paglia, an atheist professor and culture critic known for her no-holds-barred approach to issues of feminism and sexuality, has called out Planned Parenthood and mass

Canadian government consultation begins on legislative options for Assisted Dying


By Alex Schadenberg Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) On July 17, the Canadian government appointed an expert panel to examine the Supreme Court of Canada assisted suicide decision, to enable groups and individuals to be part of a consultation and to

U.S. Senate to vote within days on de-funding Planned Parenthood!

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

Over the past several weeks, videos released by The Center for Medical Progress have shown top doctors of Planned Parenthood Federation of America casually discussing the harvesting and trafficking of body parts from unborn children killed by abortion. If you

#StandWithHillary? Clinton Open to Congressional Investigation of Baby Body Part Trafficking

Pro-abortion former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

In an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader published today, former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton indicated she was open to a congressional investigation to look into the harvesting and trafficking of body parts from