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“Feisty” Baby Royer born less than four months after experimental prenatal spina bifida surgery

Parents rejected abortion By Dave Andrusko Last October we wrote a post based on two stories written by New York Times Health and Medicine reporter Denise Grady which we headlined, “Parents reject abortion, mom undergoes experimental surgery

At 28 week ultrasound, unborn baby waves to parents

Dad says, “He decided to give us a proper hello so we would leave him alone.” By Dave Andrusko “Hello, Mummy”—what a delightful headline to describe the gesture expectant parents Lucy Bearley and Stuart Barrett, from Thatcham

But it’s not a child! [or is it?]

By Béatrice Fedor The premise of virtually all pro-abortion arguments is that the little one in the womb isn’t a human being. We hear: “But it’s not a child! We are talking about a non-[insert feat an

Planned Parenthood Backer John Legend Admits Unborn Baby a ‘Child’

By Katie Yoder Even though he supports America’s largest abortion provider, singer John Legend recently described his model wife’s pregnancy as a “baby in there.” On Saturday, E! News correspondent Sibley Scoles interviewed Legend in California on

Mother angry she might have aborted based on misdiagnosis

Little Kyla-Shae Anderson born perfectly healthy By Dave Andrusko Kamelia Walters, 25, from Croydon, South London, said she always knew that her unborn baby was alright. But following an ultrasound in 2016, “I was so scared when

Parents refuse to abort ‘miracle’ child, now he’s a healthy six-year-old

By Fr. Mark Hodges TORONTO, CANADA– Medical experts insisted abortion was the only option for horribly deformed Kaito Kryvenchuk. A 17-week ultrasound revealed he had a massive tumor larger than his head, attached to his neck and

Mom with rare eye cancer delivers healthy, cancer-free twins

By Dave Andrusko In a whirlwind of medical activity, Jessica Boesmiller had an eye removed just three weeks after a November diagnosis of a rare ocular cancer and then gave birth less than a month later to

The unborn is a human being: What science tells us about unborn children

By Paul Stark Before we can know how to treat unborn children (an ethical question), we must know what they are biologically. This is a question of science. Here’s what science tells us about the unborn. Why

The beauty of unborn children and the excellence of faithful parents

By Dave Andrusko Anyone who reads NRL News Today on an even semi-regular basis knows what an admirer I am of Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., the Archbishop of Philadelphia. What is his greatest strength? The clarity

Each and every child is like a “story untold”

By Dave Andrusko Like most pro-lifers I believe passionately in the power of communications that touch both the heart and the head. That is why every time a particularly powerful music video comes my way, I try

Texas leads the way with experimental surgery for preborn babies

By Texas Right to Life As surgical technology advances, doctors are better able to address health conditions before a baby is even born. By treating a child’s conditions before birth, doctors can sometimes prevent further damage, facilitate

Parents reject abortion, mom undergoes experimental surgery to treat her son who suffers from severe spina bifida

By Dave Andrusko Denise Grady is a first-rate Health and medicine reporter at The New York Times. I love reading her stories for her ability to break incredibly complicated medical stories down into layman’s language and to