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Studies show preborn children can form memories in the womb

By Nancy Flanders The first memories you ever made were made when you were just a preborn baby in your mother’s womb. At least that’s what researchers from a variety of studies are concluding. At what point

Pro-Choicer: sympathy for the pain we think unborn babies feel means nothing

By Sarah Terzo A pro-choice writer shared the following argument against laws protecting babies from late-term abortions: “We may, as many people do, sympathize with the pain we think the fetus feels, but we must be careful

The same child in and out of the womb

Editor’s note. This appeared on page four of the April edition of National Right to Life News. Please share this 42-page issue with your friends and family using social media. Dear National Right to Life Friend, I

Pro-Choice feminist writes about technology and the unborn as “patient”

By Sarah Terzo Pro-Choice feminist Kathleen McDonnell wrote in her book on abortion: “… Developments in medical technology are radically changing the nature of the abortion debate. Our expanding knowledge of fetal physiology and psychology makes it

Unborn babies: hostage until the millennium arrives

By Dave Andrusko Big Picture time. Beyond what is for now the impregnable fortress known as the Supreme Court’s posture on abortion, what are some of the other principle factors sustaining abortion’s unspeakable ugliness? It seems to

Blind Mom “sees” unborn baby

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. As I have remarked in the past, one of the delights of publishing online is that stories “live” forever in cyberspace. This means that people will run across stories I’ve composed that

Pennsylvania mother turns down abortion, chooses fetal surgery for unborn baby diagnosed with severe spina bifida

Nine months later her baby is developmentally “right on schedule” By Dave Andrusko When Michelle Blaire of Hermitage, Pa. learned her unborn child had been diagnosed with the most severe form of spina bifida, she told WFMJ-TV

Testing for Down syndrome, when woman sees ultrasound, she realizes she’s pregnant with “a little person”

By Sarah Terzo From a woman who was being tested to see if her baby had Down syndrome or another handicap; she had been considering abortion if the baby was discovered to be disabled. She’s describing what

“Feisty” Baby Royer born less than four months after experimental prenatal spina bifida surgery

Parents rejected abortion By Dave Andrusko Last October we wrote a post based on two stories written by New York Times Health and Medicine reporter Denise Grady which we headlined, “Parents reject abortion, mom undergoes experimental surgery

At 28 week ultrasound, unborn baby waves to parents

Dad says, “He decided to give us a proper hello so we would leave him alone.” By Dave Andrusko “Hello, Mummy”—what a delightful headline to describe the gesture expectant parents Lucy Bearley and Stuart Barrett, from Thatcham

But it’s not a child! [or is it?]

By Béatrice Fedor The premise of virtually all pro-abortion arguments is that the little one in the womb isn’t a human being. We hear: “But it’s not a child! We are talking about a non-[insert feat an

Planned Parenthood Backer John Legend Admits Unborn Baby a ‘Child’

By Katie Yoder Even though he supports America’s largest abortion provider, singer John Legend recently described his model wife’s pregnancy as a “baby in there.” On Saturday, E! News correspondent Sibley Scoles interviewed Legend in California on