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Babies kicking in the womb are making mental maps of their bodies

Life before birth is amazing. By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children In March this year, we reported on a study from Trinity College Dublin which found that babies move around in the womb because

An “Interview with an Unborn Child”

No baby should ever be unwanted, unknown, or unloved. By Dave Andrusko Years ago I wrote a story about a video titled, “Interview with an Unborn Child” by the Life Network of Malta. It moved me more

Following in utero surgery to correct spina bifida baby girl born completely healthy

By Dave Andrusko When Georgia Axford, 19, and Tyler Kelly, 21, discovered during a routine 20-week scan their unborn daughter Piper-Kohl had spina bifida, they were told the British National Health Service could attempt to perform corrective

Researchers stunned at ‘complexity’ of how mom’s immune system supports preborn baby

By Anna Reynolds From the earliest stages of pregnancy, a mother’s immune system supports the growth and development of her child. The mother’s body shelters a rapidly developing human being with unique genetic material for nine months

A repugnant new test could screen out IVF embryos with lesser intelligence

Babies could be chosen based on genetic indications of intelligence. Company also expects parents to chose babies of higher intelligence By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Genetic tests have long made it possible to

The ultimate “least among us,” the unborn child

By Dave Andrusko As I wrapped up the day Thursday, I watched the first twenty minutes of as good a pro-life Keynote speech as I’ve ever encountered. I will go into no details here because I want

Doctors pressure family to abort baby because of dwarfism, baby is born healthy

By Sarah Terzo Frank Pedreira, MD, recalls the following: “Denise, a 32-year-old woman with three children (Laura, Steven, and Stephanie) ranging in age from 2 – 7 years became pregnant for the fourth time. Her previous pregnancies

Harnessing the disarming power of infants to help teach children how to be kind

By Dave Andrusko It’s snowing in the Washington, DC, area and many to almost all of the school districts in the region are closed. (First snow of the year, and all that in places where removing snow

Mom “listened to my instincts,” ignores advice to abort baby with half a heart. Little girl now doing just fine

By Dave Andrusko Looking at Beau, her 14-month-old daughter, Demi Goodman’s “chest swells with pride.” Beau is ”an amazing little girl,” Demi, 21, a stay-at-home mother from Birmingham, England told Elizabeth Archer of the Daily Express. “I

Amazing: Unborn babies’ spines repaired in the womb in UK first

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Great news for babies with spina bifida In a week that has seen two parliamentary attempts to strip protections from unborn babies, especially in Northern Ireland, the press

With the first kick, the life of her unborn baby became more than a concept

By Dave Andrusko I was recruited to the pro-life cause long before I realized that abortion had been legalized nationwide in 1973. And I didn’t even know it. Though it more than five decades ago, I still

Of course God loves women, but He loves their unborn children as well

By Bryce Fisher Recently the Council of Churches, a group representing multiple Protestant faiths, released a statement claiming that being pro-choice was the most Christian thing a person could be. They argue that abortion is a moral