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Serena Williams Writes to Her Unborn Baby: ‘I Can’t Wait to Meet You’

By Katie Yoder Although many in the media praise abortion, some Hollywood and sports stars are starting a new pro-life trend: celebrating their unborn babies on social media. Serena Williams is the latest to join the team. On Monday, world-famous

5 amazing things preborn children can do inside the womb

By Rebecca Downs Preborn children may not be at the same developmental stage as us, but there are many things that they can still do! They have beating hearts at only 21 days gestation, detectable brain waves at roughly 42

A disturbing read into the process of malevolent apologetics

By Dave Andrusko Looking to update the situation in Iowa, I ran across a letter to the editor which praised the Des Moines Register for running pro-life and pro-abortion point/counterpoint. The letter writer eviscerated the pro-lifer and elevated the pro-abortionist

Unborn twins share a special bond–and a kiss

By Dave Andrusko John Hamburg of Fetal Vision Imaging in Levittown, Pennsylvania, told David Moye of the Huffington Post that from the beginning, he knew there was something special about the ultrasound he took last week of Carissa Gill’s 25-week-old

‘I’m living proof that where there is life, there is hope. Always.’

Rachel Notman, now 25, is fit and healthy

By Dave Andrusko You’d have to be an especially careful reader (and prodigious consumer of) NRL News Today stories to have noticed that many-to-most of the truly inspiring accounts of babies who survived even though physicians had advised their parents

Woman walks out of abortion clinic having seen twins on ultrasound

By Sarah Terzo From an article in The Oklahoman When Oklahoma resident Pam Brown realized she was pregnant for the second time in 18 months, she felt like an abortion was her only option. At the clinic, the doctor performed

When a Clump of cells Is not a Clump of cells : Autonomous Life in the Womb

Can we finally give the myth that an unborn baby is “just a clump of cells” a decent burial? By John Stonestreet & John Guthrie Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Breakpoint. Previously Eric Metaxas told you

Unseen, unknown, unborn–“Unborn Grace”

By Dave Andrusko I don’t recall exactly when (or how) I was made aware of the song, “Unborn Grace.” I’m guessing it appeared on an NRLC affiliate’s webpage where right to lifers will often find gems. “Unborn Grace” is taken

Unborn baby shown clapping along to “If you’re happy and you know it”

By Dave Andrusko I make no bones about it. I love to watch ultrasounds. I love how cleverly families use them to introduce the newest members to their friends and loved ones. Take a You Tube video posted a while

The call for an ethical conversation: seeing the faces of the pre-born

Emmanuel Levinas

By Maria McCann Editor’s note. This appeared at the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and is reprinted with permission. Several years ago, I encountered the ideas of the Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas while I idly skimmed my high school religion textbook.

Fetal tissue from abortions is (still) not needed for research or medical treatments

By Maria Feeney, Tara Sander Lee and Kathleen M. Schmainda Two bills have recently been introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature to provide a path forward for biomedical research that honors the dignity of the human beings that it is meant

Restoring our lost common sense about the killing of human beings

By Paul Stark During the 19th century, scientists and physicians came to understand that the life of a human being (an individual member of the species Homo sapiens) begins at conception. The old idea that “quickening” was relevant to the