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Winning young people over to the cause of with an imaginative two-pronged approach

By Dave Andrusko As we approach NRLC 2018, which begins June 28 in Kansas City, Kansas, like everyone else at NRLC I am preparing for an incredible exchange of ideas and a jolt of energy. As time

Summertime is a Great Time for teaching “Pro-Life 101”

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation I remember how much I enjoyed summertime reading when I was a child. I would set my lounge chair underneath the tree in our backyard and spend hours reading

Evergreen content, “Friends,” and the beauty of the pro-life message

By Dave Andrusko Summer is here at National Right to Life which means interns have already arrived and soon we will be joined by students attending National Right to Life’s Academy. Youthful enthusiasm, young women and men

VP Pence outlines accomplishments of pro-life President Trump to SBC convention

By Dave Andrusko Vice President Mike Pence had a distinguished pro-life record, first as a representative from Indiana , and then as the state’s governor. So you can imagine how excited we were in July 2016 when

MCCL marks 50 years of saving lives

By Paul Stark ST. PAUL — Tuesday marked the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), Minnesota’s oldest and largest pro-life organization. “Through MCCL’s work over the last five decades, hearts and

Developer donated entire building to give pregnant moms housing

By Allyson Hunter Earlier this year, Canadian real estate developer Gene Dub donated an entire building with 18 apartments to house pregnant moms with nowhere else to go. According to the Edmonton Journal, his donation is worth

Two Women, Two Pathways, One Common Mission

By Gayle Irwin Carol Lee and Memrie Tucker, RN BSN, came to Mississippi’s Starkville Pregnancy Center via two different paths. Today, they share a common mission—helping women in their community who experience unplanned pregnancies. Meet Carol “I

Reflections 14 years later on the passing of pro-life President Reagan

By Dave Andrusko Fourteen years ago today, Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, died in Los Angeles at age 93. He passed away after a long struggle bravely fought with Alzheimer’s disease. Over

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life offers ‘At Every Stage’ for pro-life youth and adults

Curriculum provides a deep overview of right-to-life issues By Paul Stark Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) has produced a pro-life study suitable for both high-school aged students and adults. The “At Every Stage” curriculum provides students

Charlie Gard’s parents launch foundation to help sick children

By Dave Andrusko During the incredibly intense and emotional battle to save little Alfie Evans, in the background for many people were thoughts of similar case of another seriously ill baby boy whose parents unsuccessfully fought an

Dallas Cowboy DeQuinton Osborne salutes his mom, who chose life at 13

By Kristi Burton Brown DeQuinton Osborne’s mom had one rule for him before he joined the NFL: get a college degree. Dorothy Osborne knows first hand the hard knocks life can throw at a person — football

Physicians for Life at McGovern Medical School sees club growth

By Katherine Bastie, UT Houston McGovern Medical School, Class of 2020 Working in the medical field and being Pro-Life often seem contradictory to the outside observer, which is why the existence of Physicians for Life at McGovern Medical