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“Real Estate for Life”–A great way to donate to NRLC at no cost to you!

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This appeared in the April digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share all the contents with your pro-life friends and family. Self-sacrificial as pro-lifers are, you don’t need a

World Changers? Definitely.

By Kirk Walden At Heartbeat International’s Conference last week, we saw and heard the theme, “World Changers,” on banners, during general sessions and at other times throughout the week. Most conferences have themes, serving the purpose of

Pro-Choice activist admits she was raised to “demonize” pro-lifers

By Sarah Terzo In an interview, pro-choice feminist Naomi Wolf admitted that she had “been raised all her life” to “demonize” pro-lifers. “I have to reckon with the fact that many of the people I’ve heard from

The ever-growing list of ways my life would have been so much less fulfilling if I hadn’t chosen life for my unborn child

By Lauren Urrea Most abortion clinics require that you have an ultrasound before they issue you the [abortifacient] pill or set you up for “surgery.” This is because the ultrasound helps determine if the baby is still

When Your Daughter Tells You She’s Pregnant

By Lauren Urrea When I was told by the local crisis pregnancy center that I was pregnant, I was given a “goodie bag” with a variety of handouts and information packets explaining my pregnancy, prenatal care, local

Ed Sheeran song with surprisingly pro-life message

By Lauren Enriquez Editor’s note. This post ran several years ago at LiveActionNews. Since that time Ed Sheeran has become (as they say) a megastar. Periodically I like to repost stories about life-affirming pro-life songs and videos,

Committee report highlights censoring of pro-life students in British universities

It makes some welcome conclusions By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children A new report by the Joint Committee on Human Rights on free speech in universities has highlighted the censorship faced by pro-life student

Author of “The Culture of Death” is featured speaker at NRLC 2018 convention

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. Before you know it, it will be June 28 and the opening morning of NRLC’s three-day convention in Kansas City, Kansas. If you have not already registered for NRLC 2018, please don’t

Hundreds of thousands march to protest legalized abortion in Argentina

By Lianne Laurence ARGENTINA, March 27, 2018 — Hundreds of thousands of Argentinians filled the streets in 200 cities across the predominantly Catholic country on Palm Sunday to march for life and against a bill to legalize

The pro-life movement is largely a movement of mothers

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation One thing that might surprise the editors of many women’s magazines is to what extent the pro-life movement is a movement of mothers. This is not to negate the

Romanian Pro-Life Group Rolls Out First-Ever “Babies Go to Parliament”

By Alexandra Nadane “Babies Go to Congress” has already become a traditional pro-life advocacy event in the United States through Heartbeat International. Mothers who have been through a pregnancy crisis and are happy to have chosen life

What pro-lifers stand for and against

By Paul Stark Every human being matters, and we ought to act accordingly The media often use the label “anti-abortion” to describe pro-life advocates. It’s true that we oppose abortion—and infanticide, euthanasia and embryo-destructive research. But we