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Matt Schlapp politely dismantles Chris Cuomo on abortion

Chris Cuomo

By Dave Andrusko No one who has watched CNN’s Chris Cuomo for more five minutes would have any doubts he believes he is the smartest person in the room. Always. The man is in love with the

Pro-abortion Media Matters bashes a WaPo Healthcare newsletter for giving pro-lifers any attention or credibility

Bizarrely insists this “legitimizes” attacks on PPFA By Dave Andrusko It’s funny how these things come together. On the floor, next to my desk, is something I downloaded from the Boston Globe intending to write about it.

A hysterical pro-abortion rant against Democrats’ pretense they don’t have an abortion “litmus test”

By Dave Andrusko Lindy West is a recent addition (July 1) to the stable of New York Times opinion writers who are so far out to sea they make Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders look like Republicans.

Networks Cover Baby Orca’s Death More Than Charlie Gard

By Katie Yoder When it comes to the value of life, the networks are prioritizing a baby animal above a baby human – down to the very minute. During Tuesday morning’s news shows, the three broadcast networks

The Associated Press’s Abortion and Pro-Life Regulation Double Standard

By Tom Blumer It’s no secret that the establishment press’s pro-abortion posture is so strong and pervasive that one wonders if supporting it is a job prerequisite. One clear manifestation of that is how journalists treat attempts

London hospital, NY Times consistent to the end: the wishes of Charlie’s parents must be overridden

By Dave Andrusko “GetReligion” is an extremely helpful source that describes itself as “a national and global journalism site focusing on how the mainstream press covers religion news in politics, entertainment, business and sports.” It does many,

The AP Stylebook and how the abortion issue is described

By Dave Andrusko Let me offer just a few words about a couple of posts I’ve seen online regarding the Associated Press’ influential stylebook and the abortion issue. If I understand the criticism it is that the

Bewildered CNN Anchor Stunned by Image of President Trump Praying with Christian Leaders In White House

By Kristine Marsh Religion in politics is seemingly so far removed from the media’s idea of normalcy that a picture of the President praying left one CNN anchor struggling to find words, Wednesday. Monday, several evangelical leaders

Pro-abortionists read their own biases into their coverage of NRL 2017

By Dave Andrusko A brief but sincere thank you to those kind enough to take the extra step to email me for writing “How one pro-abortionist reported on NRL 2017.” As promised I’m again addressing Amy Littlefield’s

Media Elite mocks “journalistic fairness” in treating President Trump

By Dave Andrusko This week Newsbusters offered a wonderful piece that cut to the chase on the issue of media hostility to pro-life President Trump. Referring to Chuck Todd and a cohort of Trump haters, Nicholas Fondacaro’s

Panic! CBS, Washington Post Freak Over ‘Right,’ ‘Far-Right’ Gorsuch

By Scott Whitlock Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Newsbusters. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is “to the right,” the “far right.” CBS and The Washington Post on Wednesday conducted a collective freak out over

Lila Rose on Tucker Carlson: Twitter actively suppresses pro-life messages

By Luke Faulkner On Monday evening, Lila Rose sat down with Tucker Carlson to discuss Twitter’s attempt to suppress her and Live Action’s life-affirming tweets. Suppression of the pro-life message, Rose contends, prevents the American people from