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Another misleading, incomplete WaPo analysis of a new poll

By Dave Andrusko We’ve posted a couple of stories about the bogus allegation that pro-life President Trump’s base has or is in the process of “deserting” him. The impetus for the idea was an anecdote-filled story by the New York

Mea Culpa Attempt at NY Times Over Bogus Pats’ White House Photo Comparison Is Itself Bogus

By Tom Blumer The New York Times is trying to make it look like it’s doing everything it can to back away from the tweet it published Wednesday afternoon showing a bogus comparison of the turnouts from the 2015 and

Now THIS is embarrassing: fake news so fake even the NYTimes can’t deny it

By Dave Andrusko To be honest I was too busy Wednesday being amused by the surprise visit of Rob Gronkowski, the all-pro tight end for the New England Patriots, to the daily White House press briefing to follow the ebb

Media’s visceral backlash after NYT Op-Ed Calls Dems the ‘Abortion Party’

By Katie Yoder Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters. Katie Yoder included many examples of the pro-abortionists’ vile language in her story. We’re reposting only some of the numerous angry responses sparked by the Op-Ed. The liberal media want it

Fake news around pretend ‘strike’ for repeal is the norm for mainstream media in Ireland

By Niamh Ui Bhriain You may have seen that media commentators are in a major tizzy about something called ‘fake news’, which they say is having an influence on public opinion, and that this is a Very Bad Thing. The

Even prominent pro-abortion columnists aren’t anti-life enough for her

Steph Herold

By Dave Andrusko When you are a pro-abortion columnist, one who will defend abortion up and down the line, it must be a bit of a shock when someone who is even MORE pro-abortion than you are politely boxes your

IBD Poll Finds Majority of Americans Agree Media Is ‘Opposition Party’ to Trump

By Curtis Houck A new poll released on Monday by Investor’s Business Daily reported that a firm majority of American’s have not only become “weary” of seeing the media’s negative Trump coverage, but also that the liberal media have been

Teen Vogue’s Disturbing Detour to Slam Pregnancy Centers Accidentally Promotes Them

Lindsay Johnson is charged with suffocating her newborn son to death in April, 2016.

By Jay Hobbs “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Those words, originally attributed to Winston Churchill, were followed in a surprising way this weekend by Teen Vogue, which went out of its way to exploit a tragic story

Pro-aborts and Media mercilessly and unfairly target Kellyanne Conway

By Dave Andrusko I’m not pretending to have any prophetic powers. None were needed. It seemed obvious (even self-evident) to me as early as last August when she was named then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign manager that Kellyanne Conway would be

Ironic: MSNBC Panel Laughs at Kellyanne for Calling Feminism ‘Pro-Abortion’

By Katie Yoder It’s OK when the feminist media say it, but not when Kellyanne Conway says it: today’s feminism stands for abortion. On Friday, MSNBC correspondent Ari Melber, filling in for Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word, invited panelists

A primer on Media Bias from a former insider

By Dave Andrusko Kudos to Marcia Segelstein for a terrific post at the National Catholic Register which ran under the headline, “Media Pro-Abortion Bias is as Evident as it is Appalling.” The reader benefits not just from her additional insights into

Abortion Activist Group EMILY’s List Gets Badly Disguised Ad from USA Today’s Heidi Przybyla

heidi przybyla

By Tim Graham USA Today senior political reporter Heidi Przybyla is a willing publicist for feminist Democrat groups. On page 3 of Monday’s paper came an article headlined “Women Across the USA Marshal Political Forces: EMILY’s List is on a