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Judge’s ruling overturning ban on dismemberment abortion is steeped in dehumanizing euphemisms

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through August 25. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will repost “the best of the best” — the

Tennessee’s Office of the Attorney General Offers Strong Defense of Pro-Life Amendment

U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Considers Merits of Pro-Abortion Challenge To Amendment 1 Editor’s note. The following comes from Tennessee Right to Life. NRLC’s state affiliate. Pro-abortionists are challenging the outcome of the vote on Amendment

Pro-life investigators ask Supreme Court to end censorship of Planned Parenthood videos

David Daleiden

By Lisa Bourne David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress have appealed to the Supreme Court to lift a federal judge’s gag order barring release of undercover footage of Planned Parenthood leaders at an abortion tradeshow.

Three-judge panel hears challenge to Tennessee’s pro-life “Amendment 1”

By Dave Andrusko In 2014, Tennessee voters added “Amendment 1” to the state Constitution. The key wording was in the beginning: “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of

Federal Judge Strikes Alabama’s Parental Consent law

U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Russ Walker

By Dave Andrusko Last Friday U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Russ Walker struck down portions of Alabama’s parental consent law on the grounds that the 2014 changes to the law, first passed in 1987, impose an “undue burden”

Appeals Court panel uphold Arkansas chemical abortion law, judge preliminarily enjoins four other pro-life laws

By Dave Andrusko A very busy Friday with decidedly mixed results for pro-life forces in Arkansas. On the plus side, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a preliminary injunction issued in 2015 by activist Federal

Oral arguments set on pro-abortion challenge to “Yes on 1” for August 2

Editor’s note. This comes from Tennessee Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate. As Tennessee RTL explained in a prior post, “Planned Parenthood board chair, Tracey E. George and other Planned Parenthood board members filed a federal lawsuit

Florida judge gives state 60 more days to make case defending 24 hour waiting period

Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis

By Dave Andrusko When the state of Florida filed its brief defending its 24-hour waiting period for abortion-minded women, it asked Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis for more time to develop its case why HB 633

California Judge Rips State’s Pro-Abortion Compelled Speech Law, Allows Lawsuit to Move Forward

After over 18 months of waiting, The Scharpen Foundation—which runs a licensed mobile medical clinic in Riverside County—will finally get its day in court July 21.

By Jay Hobbs It’s been over a year and a half since clinic administrator Scott Scharpen filed a lawsuit challenging California’s so-called Reproductive FACT Act (also known as AB775), which is the state’s attempt to force pro-life

Judge finds Daleiden and attorneys guilty of contempt of court, holds them responsible for $140,000 in lawyers and security fees

David Daleiden

By Dave Andrusko The legal onslaught against David Daleiden, his Center for Medical Progress, his colleague, and even his lawyers ratcheted up several notches on Monday . As NRL News Today reported previously, U.S. District Court Judge

Judge Orrick holds attorneys for pro-life investigators in contempt

By Cassy Fiano U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick ruled Tuesday that attorneys Steve Cooley and Brentford Ferreira, who represent David Daleiden of The Center for Medical Progress, violated Orrick’s injunction against releasing any new videos. Judge

Planned Parenthood Finds Another Judge Willing to Legislate Abortion from Bench

Judge Sarah Evans Barker

Judge Sarah Evans Barker Issues Injunction Against Portions of SEA 404 INDIANAPOLIS – Judge Sarah Evans Barker issued a preliminary injunction yesterday against portions of Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 404 in a case brought by Planned Parenthood