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Killing Africa

Marie Stopes International performs illegal abortions under the noses of African governments By Mathew Otieno Shocking new evidence shows that Marie Stopes International has been performing illegal abortions in African countries. Speaking to Obianuju Ekeocha, the founder of Culture of

Brazilian court decriminalizes abortion by stealth

Rodrigo Maia, president, Brazil's House of Representatives

Editors’ note. This comes from our friends at SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children On Tuesday, the Federal Supreme Court, Brazil’s highest, dropped the charges against five people accused of performing clandestine abortions, on the grounds that abortion

Poland: Parliament to Debate Abortion Legislation This Fall

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo

The Polish Sejm [parliament] is set to debate two competing bills on the legality of abortion. A pro-life bill backed by the Catholic Church that would enact a total ban on abortion was presented to the parliament with over 400,000

Restrictions on British abortion group will extend to Northern Ireland

Simon Cooke, chief of Marie Stopes International chain of abortion clinics

Rival abortion group calls on head of Marie Stopes International to resign By Dave Andrusko Additional worrisome details are coming out which give us a fuller picture why the Care Quality Commission suspended most abortions at the Marie Stopes International

Where will Prime Minister Theresa May’s new government stand on pro-life issues?

Theresa May became the UK's second female prime minister after David Cameron resigned. (Credit: Getty Images)

Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post from SPUC–The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. After a whirlwind three weeks in British politics, the country has a new prime minister in Theresa May, formerly the Home Secretary.

“Time to talk about the lives saved by the 8th Amendment” Sherlock tells huge pro-life gathering in Dublin

Editor’s note. This rally update is provided by the Irish pro-life organization, Pro-Life Campaign. The “8th Amendment” is under siege by pro-abortion organizations, including Amnesty International and Amnesty Ireland. The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution says, “The State acknowledges

Law to weaken protective abortion law in Chile passes lower house

By Dave Andrusko A bill to change Chile’s firm pro-life abortion laws, introduced by the government of Socialist President Michelle Bachelet, has passed the lower house of Congress by a vote of 66-44. According to EWTN News/CNA, the bill, which

Huge Victory in Northern Ireland

By Dave Andrusko These kinds of battles never end, but for now, pro-lifers have an important victory: they have thwarted an attempt to change Northern Ireland’s very protective abortion law to include exceptions for fatal fetal anomaly, rape, and incest.

WHO Seeks To Expand Dwindling Pool of Abortionists

By Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. NEW YORK, August 7 (C-Fam) In a newly released paper, the World Health Organization complains there is a critical shortage of trained abortion providers, particularly in the developing world – and urges that medical standards be

Vietnam Poised to End Two-Child Policy

PRI celebrates human rights victory By Paul Wilson Editor’s note. This analysis comes from the Population Research Institute [PRI]. Vietnamese outlet Thanh Nien News reports that the Vietnamese government is preparing to categorically reverse its two-child policy. If this happens,

European Parliament: Adopts Pro-Abortion Report

By Marie Smith The European Parliament (EP) today passed a resolution adopting the “Tarabella Report.” The report promotes access to abortion as a fundamental right and as part of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) but also affirmed the

International Women’s Day celebrates landmark Beijing Platform for Action

Editor’s note. International Woman’s Day was celebrated yesterday. The following is a news release from “MCCL Go,” a pro-life NGO global outreach program of the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Education Fund. This year’s celebration will emphasize the landmark Beijing