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On day before Father’s Day, Tom Evans speaks out about Alfie

By Dave Andrusko As best I can tell, a June 16 message cross-posted on his own Facebook page and that of “Alfie’s Army” was the first time Tom Evans has commented since the April 28 death of Alfie

Newborn Baby tossed in courtyard miraculously survives

Found with umbilical cord still attached By Dave Andrusko The story that appears today in the Daily Mail understandably includes the cautionary note, “WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT.” It is a very disturbing account of an abandoned baby who

Hundreds of well-wishers say goodbye to Alfie, the “little warrior” who died five days after his ventilator was disconnected

By Dave Andrusko It is a tribute not only to “Alfie’s Army” but also to all those who came to Liverpool today that the privacy of Tom Evans and Kate James was respected as they conducted a

“Alfie Evans: the boy who brought the world together”

By Dave Andrusko The last months of Alfie Evans’ all-too-brief life were played out in the public domain. How could it have been otherwise when Tom Evans and Kate James were fighting the entire judicial and medical

Cute Kids Explain What Babies Are

By Liberty Pike, Director of Communications, Oregon Right to Life Editor’s note. Stories about kids are timeless which is why I periodically repost stories that are amazingly heart-warming. One example is the following. I hope you enjoy

From “Choice” To “No Choice”–Lessons from the Baby Alfie Evans Case

By Nancy Valko Defending the UK High Court’s order allowing Alder Hay Children’s Hospital to withdraw life support from Baby Alfie Evans and refusing to even allow his parents to take him home, Dr. Ranj Singh of

VIDEO: Crying twins Weston and Caleb comfort each other after birth

By Nancy Flanders We all know that twins bond in the womb, and that bond can stick with them throughout their lives. Now one set of twin newborn boys is showing us just how strong that twin

Alfie Evans a Victim of the Technocracy

By Wesley J. Smith The death of Alfie Evans, forced off life support by doctors, bioethicists, and judges — strangers — and denied the right to have his care decisions made by his parents, brings health care

The impact of Alfie Evans

By Right to Life of Michigan The story of Alfie Evans in the United Kingdom shocked and captivated an international audience. His death on April 28 was tragic, leaving his parents and countless people across the globe

Alfie Evans: Rest in Peace

By Dave Andrusko Alfie Evans died one month short of his second birthday. The little boy spent most of his brief life in the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England. At the end of this story,

In Memory of Alfie Evans, We Must Press Forward

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation I will never forget that night. My baby daughter, who had been battling a bad cold, was struggling for breath. In the emergency room, surrounded by children in similar

National Right to Life mourns the death of Alfie Evans

Editor’s note. Alfie Evans died early Saturday morning. WASHINGTON – National Right to Life, the federation of 50 state right-to-life affiliates and more than 3,000 local chapters, grieves with Thomas Evans and Kate James over the death