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Every baby is a little miracle…

By Dave Andrusko When we were back in Minnesota last month for our annual vacation, we visited our niece and her brand new baby boy. It was like old times watching her (and my sister, her mother)

Michigan’s Safe Delivery law continues to save babies’ lives

By Right to Life of Michigan Last Monday the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced that the 200th infant has been surrendered under Michigan’s Safe Delivery of Newborns Act since 2001. Michigan’s Safe Delivery law

Under pressure, British NHS finally agrees to pay for surgery for toddler with exceedingly rare heart condition

Oliver's parents had been frantically fundraising to pay for the surgery themselves CREDIT: TELEGRAPH

Olivier Cameron will go to Boston’s Children’s Hospital By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. My family and I will be on vacation through August 25. I will occasionally add new items but for the most part we will

RIP Charlie Gard, “the absolute warrior”

Chris Gard clutched one of his son's toy monkeys as he listened to Katie Gollop, the attorney for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This appears in the August digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please read the entire 42-page issue and pass it along using your social media contacts. At first glance it

Mere materialism would never explain Connie and Chris’s battle on behalf of Charlie Gard

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop of Canterbury: “My heart breaks for Charlie Gard’s family” By Dave Andrusko A colleague passed along a link to a story that appeared The Guardian newspaper under the tender headline, “Archbishop of Canterbury: my heart breaks

Connie Yates: “We should be planning Charlie’s first birthday but instead we’re planning his funeral”

Chris Gard clutched one of his son's toy monkeys as he listened to Katie Gollop, the attorney for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

By Dave Andrusko I should have known why Connie Yates, Charlie Gard’s mom, always brought one of Charlie’s two toy monkeys with her to each court appearance before Justice Nicholas Francis. The Daily Mail told us why yesterday:

What might have happened if Connie Yates and Chris Gard had prevailed?

Tom Evans and his son, Alfie

By Dave Andrusko To the outsider it’s difficult to fully understand why London’s Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) and Justice Nicholas Francis were so dead set against allowing Chris Gard and Connie Yates to take their son

Another Charlie Gard Case?

By Wesley J. Smith Another family in the UK is fighting to keep doctors from forcing their sick baby off of life support. From The Mirror story: Charlie Gard supporters are rallying round the family of a

Little Charlie Gard has died

By Dave Andrusko Charlie Gard has died. “’Our beautiful little boy has gone, we are so proud of you Charlie,” said his mom, Connie Yates, who with Chris Gard fought an unresponsive judiciary and determined hospital which

Whose child is Charlie Gard’s?

Charlie Gard

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This story was posted earlier today. Regrettably Charlie Gard has since died. RIP Charlie. By the time you read this post, the ventilator that keeps little Charlie Gard alive may have already

National Right to Life Mourns the death of Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard’s parents have released this heartbreaking image of their terminally ill son as they spend their last few hours with him (Picture: Featureworld)

WASHINGTON – National Right to Life today joined a chorus of organizations and people worldwide in mourning the death of Charlie Gard, the British boy at the center of a worldwide euthanasia debate. Connie Yates and Chris

Deadline passes: Has Charlie Gard been taken to a hospice?

A distraught Connie Yates

Judge had said Charlie would be quickly removed from the ventilator By Dave Andrusko “We promised Charlie every day we would take him home. “It seems really upsetting after everything we’ve been through to deny us this.”