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The company they keep

Francis Crick

By Michael Cook “Europe’s superlab,” a £700 million research institute, the Francis Crick Institute, opens this year. It is Europe’s largest biomedical research centre, a partnership between six of the UK’s best known scientific and academic organizations – the [U.K.]

New blood test=large increase in babies diagnosed with medical problems who are aborted


By Dave Andrusko It’s bad enough that the Daily Mail reported that as a result of new tests, the number of babies diagnosed with genetic anomalies who were aborted soared by 34% between 2011 and 2014 []. But it gets

Genetic counselors and sex selection abortions


  By Sarah Terzo Rayna Rapp interviewed counselors at genetic clinics where women came to have their babies tested for disabilities including Down syndrome. The counselors then discussed with the women whether or not they would have abortions. Many of

“Regardless of size, shape or differences, each unborn child is one of a kind”


  By Dave Andrusko After all this time, I still have to remind myself that writers (and certainly those not working for a newspaper) don’t write headlines. That’s why “My view: Parental pains, birth defects and abortion” can be so

Eugenic Pre-Natal Cleansing Spreads to Autism


By Wesley J. Smith More boys than girls have autism, so now, an Australian IVF clinic will search out male embryos for destruction before implantation, e.g., sex selection. A bioethicist thinks that accepting pre-natal autism cleansing needs to be respectfully

The cost of “progress”

Will Saletan

By Dave Andrusko Rarely would you get a headline that more accurately captures both the core of the story and the ethical implications. “The Boy Who Lived: Embryo testing is progress built on failure, termination, and tragedy. But we only

New England Journal of Medicine study could spur call for wider use of prenatal genetic scanning


By Dave Andrusko A nationwide study of 4,400 women published in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine found that scanning the genes of unborn babies “reveals far more about potential health risks than current prenatal testing does,” according to Marilynn

The New Eugenics: Engineering “Moral Enhancement” by embryo screening and selective abortion

Julian Savulescu

By Richard Weikart Recently Oxford philosophy professor Julian Savulescu moved his campaign for “moral enhancement” out of the ivory tower and into the mainstream. This month Reader’s Digest is carrying his article, “It’s Our Duty to Have Designer Babies,” in

NBC’s Nancy Snyderman: It’s ‘Pro-Science’ to Abort Children With Genetic Defects

Nancy Snyderman

By Kyle Drennen Editor’s note. This appeared last week at and is reprinted with permission. The topic was a new non-invasive  procedure that may allow women someday to test their unborn babies for more than 3,500 genetic disorders that

New Test opens “Pandora’s Box”

By Dave Andrusko We’ve written two stories about a very important topic—a new noninvasive procedure that may allow women someday to test their unborn babies for more than 3,500 genetic disorders. Needless to add, there are ethical concerns galore in

New non-invasive pre-natal test raises enormous ethical issues


By Dave Andrusko “What if you could read much of your child’s medical future while it was still in the womb? Taking a major step toward that goal, one fraught with therapeutic potential and ethical questions, scientists have now accurately

Geneticist claims that weeding out embryos with severe genetic abnormalities is ‘a tremendous blessing and a wonderful thing’

By Peter Saunders Editor’s note. Dr. Saunders is a former general surgeon and CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members.  A consultant in genetic medicine has said that he

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