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After 15 years, will the Dutch finally prosecute a euthanasia doctor?

By Michael Cook For the first time since the legalisation of euthanasia [in the Netherlands] in 2002, a doctor may be prosecuted for not following the letter of the law, according to a report in the British

Second plaintiff in British Columbia case dies by euthanasia

Robyn Moro

By Taylor Hyatt – Policy Analyst, Toujours Vivant – Not Dead Yet CBC News recently reported that Robyn Moro, one of two plaintiffs in a court case challenging the “reasonably foreseeable” death requirement of Canada’s euthanasia law,

Euthanasia for Alzheimer’s Patients

By Wesley J. Smith The medically vulnerable have rarely been in greater jeopardy. Alzheimer’s disease patients are at particular risk. In a recent poll from Quebec—where lethal-injection euthanasia is legal—a chilling 72 percent of caregivers favor permitting

Legalising assisted dying would be a failure of collective human memory and imagination

Margaret Somerville

We can judge the ethical tone of a society by how it treats its weakest and most in need. With euthanasia we offer them death instead of loving care By Margaret Somerville Dying and death is not

National Association of Pro-life Nurses “deeply sadden” by American Nurses Association position in favor of voluntary holding of Food and Hydration

The National Association of Pro-life Nurses (NAPN) is deeply saddened to learn of the recent position statement of the American Nurses Association (ANA) regarding the withholding of food and hydration as a means of hastening death. Our

Court ruling could lead to “severely brain damaged patients being starved to death”

Minimally conscious patients could now have nutrition removed without a court order.

From the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children–SPUC A judge has ruled that Court permission will not be needed to remove food and fluids from severely brain damaged patients, a move which has caused concern among

Are People Being Deceived about Euthanasia?

By HOPE Australia Editor’s note. Dr. John Buchanan is a former Chair of the Victorian Branch of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Many euthanasia and assisted suicide proponents frame their arguments around “facts”

A very timely reminder: the disabled were the Nazis’ first victims

By Dave Andrusko It can’t be said too often that too often we know very little about history–and what we do know often is either wrong or incomplete. Over the years we’ve posted many stories that buttress

First interdisciplinary study of Belgian euthanasia published

By Michael Cook A book from Cambridge University Press to be released next week takes a critical look at euthanasia in Belgium. “Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Lessons from Belgium” features essays on legal, philosophical and medical issues,

Canadian Mental Health Association opposes “MAiD” euthanasia for psychiatric reasons

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has stated in its submission to the Canadian Institute for Health Research that MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) for psychiatric patients should

How Alzheimer’s unduly influences the euthanasia debate

By Michael Cook Negative attitudes towards Alzheimer’s disease are an undue influence on the euthanasia debate, claims an Australian bioethicist. Deakin University Professor Megan-Jane Johnstone has examined the ‘Alzheimerisation’ of the euthanasia debate in her book, “Alzheimer’s

Dutch right-to-die group confirms elder abuse risk – but doesn’t seem to care

Dutch Supreme Court Judge, Huib Drion

There have already been some murders By Paul Russell The Netherlands legalised both euthanasia and assisted suicide in 2002. The data shows an overwhelming preference for euthanasia. In 2015, there were 6672 euthanasia deaths and only 150