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The fear of challenging the Belgian euthanasia law

Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick

  By Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick – Not Dead Yet UK and Director of EPC – Europe. People in Belgium

Dutch woman euthanized who feared going to a nursing home


  By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia It’s official. Like Belgium, The Netherlands has completely lost any

Dutch euthanasia clinic lethally injects elderly woman who didn’t want to live in a nursing home

Prof. Theo Boer

  By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition A

Professor Death Supports Doctor Death

Peter Singer

  By Wesley J. Smith I think it is time to start calling Peter Singer ”Professor Death.” The Princeton moral philosopher–an oxymoron

A deadly conflict of interest: why euthanasia in Belgium is so out of control

Dr. Tom Mortier

  By Dr. Peter Saunders Editor’s note. Dr. Saunders is a former general

Not Dead Yet – UK ‘campaign’ against the assisted suicide bill in the British House of Lords

Kevin Fitzpatrick

  By Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick – Not Dead Yet –

Melbourne Academic and writer, Shakira Hussein explains why euthanasia threatens people living with disability

Dr. Shakira Hussein

  By Paul Russell This article is taken from the website of The

Suicide Cult Pushes Home Made Suicide Kits

Derek Humphry

  By Wesley J. Smith Suicide advocacy never stops. Even as the world mourns a celebrity self-destruction, Derek Humphry’s group

The ‘messiah of death’ Nitschke: a guru of a bizarre suicide cult

Journalist Angela Shanahan

  By Paul Russell, Founder, HOPE Australia This weekend yet another story of  ‘death coaching’

Canberra Politician slams Nitschke

Mary Porter

  By Paul Russell, Founder, Hope Australia Mary Porter is a Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Canberra (ACT) Parliament. In recent

Canadian Medical Association: 71.5% oppose the legalization of euthanasia or assisted suicide; Doctors should be excluded from doing euthanasia


  By Alex Schadenberg Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention

Euthanasia could be option for poor, says Lithuanian health minister

Lithuanian Health Minister Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė

  By Michael Cook Euthanasia might be needed for poor people who cannot access palliative care, the