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Canada’s Assisted Dying law–one year later

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition [EPC] One year after the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide, Canada has become the prime example of how legalizing assisted dying cannot be controlled and why these laws are naturally

Conservative Party in Canada chooses pro-lifer as new leader

Andrew Scheer

By Patricia Maloney Editor, Run with Life Blogspot Canada’s opposition Conservative party voted for a new leader this week in Andrew Scheer. Sheer is young (39), a father of five, and a practicing Roman Catholic. He has been a sitting

Truth: the first casualty

Euphemisms have deadly consequences By Paul Russell, Director, HOPE Australia The Victorian Ministerial Advisory Panel charged by Premier Daniel Andrews with the task of developing a safe way to kill people and to help them to suicide, released its interim

Abortion was legalized in Canada 48 years ago. Thousands marched for life Thursday

By Pete Baklinski OTTAWA– For twenty years pro-life Canadians have marched upon the nation’s capital city, demanding legal protection for pre-born children targeted by abortion. On Thursday, thousands joined the annual National March for Life on Parliament Hill, letting the

Canada, the “Right to Die,” and the Mentally Ill

Death through despair and deception By Eric Metaxas with Roberto Rivera We could have predicted this: Canada may extend the “right to die” to the mentally ill. It’s an evil idea. In 2015, Canada legalized physician-assisted suicide. We have talked

Canadian Medical Killers Form Trade Association

By Wesley J. Smith The Hippocratic Oath reads in part, ” I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.” But Canadian death doctors and nurse practitioners who euthanize the sick, disabled, and

Do human rights still matter in Canada?

Since 1969 pre-born excluded By Mike Schouten, May 9, 2017 – As we approach Canada’s 150th anniversary, and as pro-life Canadians gather in Ottawa and provincial capitals, We Need a Law is advocating for the country’s youngest citizens. “Canada

Autonomy: what a useless idea!

By Michael Cook Editor’s note. The following is excerpted from a post that appeared on Mercatornet. If I ask why abortion is legal, I will be told that women have a right to autonomy over their bodies. … And if

Cardinal urges Ontario gov’t not to ‘bully’ doctors into helping euthanize patients

Cardinal Thomas Collins

By Pete Baklinski TORONTO — Doctors who refuse to kill a patient “need protection so that they can act according to their conscience,” Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, told the Ontario legislature last Thursday. “It is sad that I

History made as two Canadian leadership contenders endorse National March for Life

By Paul Tuns Last month Campaign Life Coalition announced the theme for the National March for Life in Ottawa as well that two Conservative Party of Canada leadership contenders have endorsed the event and said they will address the 20,000-strong

Canadian minister calls limits on abortion ‘gender-based violence

Maryam Monsef [CTV News screenshot]

Gives $285,000 to Planned Parenthood By Lianne Laurence OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new minister for the status of women claimed last week that restrictions on abortion are “gender-based violence.” That has one critic saying Trudeau should fire Maryam

Sex-Selective abortion is “gender-based violence”

Editor’s note. The following was posted at the Canadian pro-life site and is reposted with permission. This past week Maryam Monsef, Canada’s Status of Women Minister gave Planned Parenthood Ottawa $285,000 so they can use it to help women