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Car trunk abortionist pleads no contest to three felonies

By Right to Life of Michigan Yesterday long-time Michigan abortionist Michael Roth pleaded no contest to three felonies in Macomb County Circuit Court. The convictions stem from his suspected practice of illegal at-home abortions. “These convictions should

Long-time Michigan abortionist’s medical license suspended

By Right to Life of Michigan Lansing, Mich. — Long-time Michigan abortionist Michael Roth had his medical license suspended Wednesday. The disciplinary action stems from a case involving Roth’s suspected practice of illegal at-home abortions. In September

Abortion clinics in England to be subject to ratings

Ratings do not go far enough, but extra scrutiny is welcome. From The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children—SPUC For the first time, abortion providers will be given ratings like other “health and social care” providers,

Carhart’s late-term abortion clinic to close in Germantown, Maryland

By Dave Andrusko On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the Germantown (Maryland) Reproductive Health Services, owned by notorious late-term abortionist Dr. Leroy Carhart, “plans to close its doors and is under contract to be purchased by

Another recycled celebration of a pro-abortion “pioneer”

Abortionist Jane Hodgson

By Dave Andrusko Come an anniversary, the publication of yet another pro-abortion rehash of the “history of abortion rights,” a partial eclipse of the sun, whatever it takes, large or small, we can be sure that journalists

Notorious late-term abortionist again in serious legal trouble

By Dave Andrusko While every abortionist could be considered a candidate for the Hall of Shame, it is also true that some have accumulated a trial of offenses so heinous that they are shoo-ins. One of those,

‘It lived for several days,’ abortionist says about baby born alive

By Sarah Terzo Former abortionist Dr. Paul Jarrett gave his testimony at a conference held by the Pro-Life Action League called “Meet the Abortion Providers.” In a speech reproduced on the Priests for Life website, he talks

Abortionist; the baby isn’t developed yet

By Sarah Terzo Dr. Roslyn Stephens, abortionist, said the following to a patient identified as Leslie: “This one, you know you’re only six weeks, you know the foetus is only tiny–it’s not developed yet.” Mary Kenny, Abortion:

Boston Globe writes glowing tribute to accomplishments of abortionist Kenneth Edelin

By Dave Andrusko In 1975, Dr. Kenneth Edelin told the New York Times, “Nobody likes to do abortions, but the least we can do is make it safe and humane.” Keep that in mind as we go

How can anyone be “proud” to be an “Abortion Doctor”?

By Dave Andrusko “Why I am Proud to be an Abortion Doctor” is a piece that ran on Huffington Post in the United Kingdom. Interesting, is it not, that the word “proud” doesn’t appear in the account

Abortionist Willie Parker describes seeing fetal body parts

By Sarah Terzo Abortionist Willie Parker describes seeing the body parts of the babies he aborts. He describes how he does a first trimester abortion: … I insert a straw, called a cannula… and attach that to

Grand Rapids abortionist Thomas Gordon completes rehab in 16 days

Grand Rapids, Michigan abortionist Thomas Gordon

Editor’s note. This post comes from Right to Life of Michigan, NRLC’s state affiliate.  Effective April 29, 2017, Grand Rapids’ only surgical abortion clinic was closed when its owner, Thomas Gordon, was suspended by the state. Unfortunately