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Minnesota Gov. Dayton’s non-factual argument for taxpayer funding of abortion

Pro-abortion Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

By Paul Stark The Minnesota Legislature passed a bill this spring that would prohibit the use of taxpayer funds for abortion. Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed the bill last Wednesday. In his letter explaining the veto, Dayton writes: “State funding may only

Bill headed to Iowa Governor that defunds abortion providers

Pro-life Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

By Dave Andrusko You have to give the pro-abortion-to-the-core Des Moines Register credit: they don’t even pretend to be non-partisan. (More about that momentarily.) Yesterday, on a party-line vote, the Iowa Senate followed up House approval Wednesday by okaying the

7 Myths Planned Parenthood is Peddling to Fend Off Defunding: Part One

By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D. NRL Director of Education & Research Editor’s note. This is Part One of a three-part series in which Dr. O’Bannon discusses Myths #1 and #2. Part Two will run on Monday with the conclusion appearing

Taxpayer funded abortions rise 6 percent to largest number ever in Minnesota

Taxpayers have paid more than $23 million to abortion centers, according to state agency ST. PAUL —After 20 years of taxpayer-funded abortions, Minnesotans are paying for more abortions than ever before. Taxpayers have funded more than 77,000 abortions at a

Trump Administration will defund UNFPA, cites its involvement in China’s coercive population control

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan

By Dave Andrusko WASHINGTON, D.C. The Trump administration announced Monday it will cut off U.S. funding for the United Nations Population Fund, on the basis that the UNFPA’s activities in China are complicit with that nation’s coercive population control program,

Under pressure, pro-abortion Irish group returns donation from Soros Foundation

George Soros

By Dave Andrusko In prior posts we’ve discussed the massive investments pro-abortion billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation has made to overturn protective abortion laws around the world. For example last August, the Independent reported A foundation headed up by

NRLC urges Senate to pass measure to nullify last-minute gift from Obama to Planned Parenthood

By Dave Andrusko Last month, on a vote 230-188, the House of Representatives voted to nullify an 11th hour Obama rule preventing states from redirecting Title X funds away from Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.

Global Abortion Industry Seeks Funding and Support in Europe

Editor’s note. This appeared at the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues [PNCI] and is reposted with permission. The pro-life action of President Trump by reissuing and expanding the Mexico City Policy (MCP) has resulted in non-US organizations that perform or

Judge extends injunction blocking Texas’s decision to terminate Planned Parenthood Medicaid contract

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks

By Texas Right to Life Austin, Texas — On Tuesday U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks extended the injunction blocking Texas from removing Planned Parenthood from Medicaid contracts until the conclusion of the full trial of Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit to remain

Norway and Australia join countries funding abortion in developing countries

Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Editor’s note. This excerpt comes from SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. More countries have announced that they will dedicate money to funding abortion overseas Countries including the Norway and Australia are the latest to respond to the

Pro-Abortion Gov. McAuliffe vetoes bill to defund Virginia abortion promoters

Olivia Gans Turner

No contracts would have gone to providers “that perform abortion” By Dave Andrusko Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe today vetoed HB2264, a common sense bill that would have ensured that legitimate Virginia healthcare programs that do not

House to vote Thursday to nullify Obama rule preventing states from redirecting Title X funds away from Planned Parenthood

By Dave Andrusko Back in mid-December we wrote about a last-minute gift from outgoing pro-abortion President Barack Obama to his Planned Parenthood sweetheart. Tomorrow the House of Representatives will vote on H. J. Res. 43, sponsored by Rep. Diane Black