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Ohio women being offered unsafe abortion, health inspection records show

By Pete Baklinski COLUMBUS, Ohio, December 7, 2017 – Ohio abortion centers have received 149 health violations in the past six years for unsafe and unsanitary medical equipment as well as for not following protocols and policies

Abortionists lament more clinic inspection since John Kasich elected Ohio governor

By Dave Andrusko I’m guessing the writer as well as the pro-abortion Columbus Dispatch assumed that everyone would reach the “proper” conclusion just from the headline: “Ohio’s abortion-clinic inspections more frequent under Kasich.” [The Kasich is Gov.

Judge orders abortion clinic applications “processed promptly,” Missouri AG vows to appeal decision

U.S. District Judge Howard F. Sachs

By Dave Andrusko On Tuesday, in his follow up to his April 19th decision granting a preliminary injunction, U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs issued an order directing abortion clinic license applications “to be processed promptly, in light

Abortion facility licensing bill rewritten to boost support; MCCL calls on lawmakers to protect women

MCCL Legislative Director Andrea Rau and chief authors Rep. Deb Kiel and Sen. Michelle Fischbach announced new language for licensing bill.

Legislation seeks to prevent dangers discovered in other states ST. PAUL — A bill to require licensing of abortion facilities has been rewritten in order to widen support at the Legislature. The new language has the strong

Mn. House panel approves abortion facility licensing, inspection

MCCL Legislative Director Andrea Rau

State licensing of outpatient surgical centers would be applied to abortion industry ST. PAUL — State licensing of abortion facilities was approved by the Minnesota House Government Operations and Elections Policy committee today. The measure is strongly

MCCL Legislative Director tells committee why state regulation of abortion clinics is vitally important

MCCL Legislative Director Andrea Rau

By Dave Andrusko As NRL News Today reported yesterday, the Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy committee just approved two measures. I would like to focus here on S.F. 704 (H.F. 811), authored by

Abortion facility licensing, taxpayer funded abortion ban bills passed by Mn. Senate panel

Legislation would apply state licensing, federal funding standards to abortion industry ST. PAUL — Two key pro-life measures were approved by the Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy committee last night. It was the

Va. Board of Health guts protective abortion clinic requirements

Pro-abortion Virginia Gov.Terry McAuliffe and pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko The Washington Post editorial board calls it “A small victory,” but, in fact, what happened Monday is a huge setback for women’s health in Virginia. NRL News Today has posted dozens of stories about

“Misguided” changes weakening Virginia’s regulations of abortion clinics likely to be adopted October 24

By Dave Andrusko So long as pro-abortion (and Hillary Clinton confidante) Terry McAuliffe is governor, you know there would never be a let-up in his campaign to gut regulations that upgraded safety requirement for abortion clinics in

Arizona Governor signs law ensuring abortion clinics “fully segregate” Medicaid dollars so that none pays for elective abortions

By Dave Andrusko On Tuesday Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation that would give new powers to the director of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the state’s Medicaid program, “to decide that certain individuals or

Federal Judge orders abortions clinics to remain open while they appeal transfer agreement requirement

By Dave Andrusko Last Friday the Ohio Department of Health denied a request for an exception (a “variance“) to an Ohio abortion law from Southwest Ohio’s two abortion facilities, Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati and Women’s Med Center

Va. Board of Health rolls back protective abortion clinic regulations, but many more steps before changes take effect

By Dave Andrusko As universally expected, a revamped Virginia Board of Health began the process of gutting regulations that would have upgraded what was required of abortion clinics in the Commonwealth. The vote was 9-6. However the