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Who, if not you and me?

By Dave Andrusko Ellie Saul is a gifted writer, some of whose postings at she has happily allowed us to reprint. I find her a delight for many reasons but first and foremost because her writings are bathed in

Woman’s abortion stirs unexpected feeling–it broke her heart

By Sarah Terzo Author Mary Kenny tells the following story: “I have a friend who is extraordinarily tough… doesn’t give a damn, you know. She became pregnant – she is also very ambitious and has a very good job. There

Ashton Kutcher’s Show Stars Character Who Rejects Abortion: ‘I Can’t Do This’

By Katie Yoder In a media world that guarantees applause (and headlines) for abortion plotlines, Ashton Kutcher’s Netflix sitcom is revolutionary. On June 16, Part 3 of The Ranch premiered on Netflix. Besides serving as executive producer, Ashton Kutcher starred

Abortion and the Shock of Recognition

Editor’s note. This editorial appears in the latest digital edition of National Right to Life News, the “pro-life newspaper of record.” Please be sure to read the entire issue and forward it using your social media contacts. I’m not going

The “incredible pain” that followed years after her abortion

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. While this post ran a couple of years back, it is 100% relevant to the battles we fight today. I had not read or heard about the essay that appeared on the Jewish parenting site

Following High Court decision, Scottish Government repeats intention to consider giving Northern Ireland women free abortions

Scottish First Minister looking to provide abortions for Northern Irish women

By Dave Andrusko The forces that attack protective abortion laws never cease in their campaigns. Their motto is if one door closes, try prying open another. Last week we reported that England’s highest court narrowly decided that its National Health

Remembering Thomas: Responsibility, Guilt and a Child Who Never Was

By Phil McCombs, Washington Post Staff Writer Editor’s note. Father’s Day is this Sunday. We’ve been running some new, some older stories about one of the most neglected subject areas in the entire abortion debate: a father’s role and responsibility

Why men should speak about abortion

By Paul Stark, Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Editor’s note. This story appears in the June digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please be sure to read the entire 41-page issue and share it via your

Women abort because they don’t trust anybody else to raise their child

By Sarah Terzo From Dr. Nancy Stanwood, abortionist: Only 1% of women with an unplanned pregnancy go forward with adoption in the US — very, very small. And I hear it from my patients for all different reasons: they never

Britain’s highest court said national health service not obliged to provide free abortions to women coming from Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom Supreme Court

By Dave Andrusko In a split 3-2 decision, the UK Supreme Court agreed with two lower court decisions that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS)is not obliged to pay for the abortion of a woman who traveled to Britain from Northern

The Topic that Won’t Go Away: Men and Abortion

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. Father’s Day is this Sunday. As we do each year we are running stories all the week before about one of the most neglected subject areas in the entire abortion debate: a father’s role and

Slate Advice column tells grandmother to help kill grandchild in abortion

Editor’s note. This appeared on the blog of Secular Pro-Life and is reprinted with permission. Slate has always been hostile to the right to life, but this “Dear Prudence” advice column takes it to a new low. Let’s break this Slate