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A pro-life conversation guide to effectively discuss abortion during the holidays

Especially when discussing with those who do not share our views By Paul Stark Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Editor’s note. Thanksgiving is this Thursday yet, as is increasingly the case, you already see bundles of

Post-abortion woman: I prayed someone would be there to stop me

By Sarah Terzo Pro-life activist Richard Exley told this story: Some time ago I was speaking to a right to life rally. When I had finished, a young woman came to the front of the auditorium and

Woman sees her mutilated baby during abortion

By Sarah Terzo Sabrina writes: “As a sixteen – year – old girl, while I lay there on the abortionist table, I looked over and saw my baby mutilated in the glass container that was connected to

Trial testing Kentucky’s ban on dismemberment abortion begins

By Kentucky Right to Life Editor’s note. EMW Women’s Surgical Center of Louisville is Kentucky’s lone remaining abortion clinic. The clinic, represented by the ACLU, is challenging HB 454, which bans the vicious and gruesome practice of

Desensitizing the public and dehumanizing and degrading the unborn child

By Dave Andrusko One of our jobs at NRL News Today is to keep readers abreast of every phase of pro-life legislation, from its introduction, to (hopefully) its passage, to the inevitable drawn-out legal proceedings which always

Lefty Actresses Silverman, Winstead Promote ‘Shout Your Abortion’ Book Party

By Jacob Comello Even though new Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen is getting through softball network interviews without having to mention the A-word, America’s largest abortion mill’s strategy includes very public efforts to “destigmatize” abortion. And abetting

Born alive and left to die, or really bad statistics?

By We Need a Law In August 2018, pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney reported that the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) recorded 766 late-term, live-birth abortions over a five-year period. In other words, pregnancies were ended late enough

Native American abortion worker compares abortion to abandoning an infant to be eaten by a wild animal

By Sarah Terzo Samara Azam—Yu, director of Access Women’s Health Justice in Oakland, California, an organization that raises funds for women who can’t afford to have abortions: “There’s a Native American nurse at an abortion clinic in

Post-abortive woman: “If my words lead you to save your child’s life, I will also feel that you saved mine.”

By Dave Andrusko As an avowed opponent of abortion and firm believer in finding win-win solutions, I nonetheless understand the shrewdness of the incessant campaign to bolster abortion by enhancing its status from a legally protected right

How medical residents wrested their consciences into submission

By Dave Andrusko Sarah Terzo’s except from an academic study posted elsewhere today inspired me to revisit the personal stories from young residents that appeared in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, under the headline “Four Residents’

Photos of baby Miran, lost at 14 weeks, are saving other babies from abortion

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Baby Miran died at the age of 14 weeks gestation, but he has already saved several lives. His mother, Sharran Sutherland, shared intimate photos of her “perfect” little

Kenya investigates abortion giant Marie Stopes for breaking advertising laws, pushing abortion

By James Risdon NAIROBI, Kenya, November 7, 2018 — Abortion juggernaut Marie Stopes International is being investigated in Kenya for allegedly advertising abortion on demand on two African radio stations. “This is ongoing despite the Kenya Film