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Don’t Use Mental Health to Justify Abortion Law Change, Psychiatrists Warn

Prof. Casey also said that there was no evidence that abortion was a benefit to women’s mental health By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children A group of psychiatrists have said in an open letter that

Woman grieves baby she killed with abortion pill

By Sarah Terzo A woman shared the following testimony on the Priests for Life site: “I made an appointment and went to the clinic. They said I could take the pill because I found out in the

Gosnell didn’t “botch” abortions, he delivered near full-term babies alive and then murdered them

By Dave Andrusko Periodically—usually when an abortionist has maimed, or even killed a woman—the name of West Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell comes up. So it was last week when abortionist Robert Rho pled guilty to criminally negligent

“It is advisable to use the biggest forceps you can get” when performing second trimester abortions, abortionist says

By Sarah Terzo Abortionist Dr. Cope: It is advisable to use the biggest forceps that you can get through the cervix to morcellate the fetus… [The need to] “visually check the parts as they are retrieved” “is

Pro-life ads in Italy anger feminists… by pointing out how abortion kills females

By Kelli In Italy, so-called feminists and abortion supporters are incensed by a new pro-life ad campaign that drives home the fact that abortion is the leading cause of death for females in the world today. “Abortion

Clinic pressures 17-year-old to have a late-term abortion, she refuses

By Sarah Terzo I recently read an account from a 17-year-old who was 24 weeks pregnant and was pressured by abortion clinic workers to abort her baby. The testimony appeared in the book Bitter Fruit: Women’s Experiences

Another study lamenting that there are not enough “abortion providers”

By Dave Andrusko Give pro-abortionists credit for catchy phrases. In the latest of an endless stream of “research” publicized this time in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, pro-abortionists now talk about “abortion deserts.” The researchers come

The “bizarre bifurcation” in the way pro-choicers think about wanted and unwanted “fetuses”

By Sarah Terzo Editor’s note. The “Elders” in the quotation is Dr. Joyce Elders, who was President Bill Clinton’s Surgeon General for about a minute and a half. In 1995, pro-choice feminist Naomi Wolf wrote: This has

Abortionists in India celebrate increase in abortion after one-time drop

But lament “only” one girl under 15 had abortion By Dave Andrusko The graphic is labeled, “for representational purposes only.” It shows a well developed unborn baby cupped in two hands. In the background are abortion tools.

Reflections on “Abortion: The Silent Holocaust”: Does anyone see what I see?

By Dave Andrusko National Right to Life is commemorating 50 years of service to unborn babies, babies born with disabilities, and the medical frail elderly increasing the target of the “right to die” movement. In the 45

SICK: Glamour Op-Ed Praises Abortion as ‘Act of Love’

By Katie Yoder Christianity points to the cross as the epitome of love: a total gift of self-sacrifice in order to save others. But a new magazine op-ed is arguing the opposite: that love is about looking

Is abortion justified after an adverse prenatal diagnosis?

By Paul Stark, Communications Associate, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Editor’s note. This appears in the May digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share this 41-page issue with your pro-life friends and family. Sometimes,