“Blessing” a Texas abortion clinic and what that says about pro-abortionists

By Dave Andrusko

The headline is one pro-abortionists would kill for (in a manner of speaking): “Religious Leaders Gather to Bless Texas Abortion Clinic.”

The clinic that these “religious leaders” blessed this week is the Whole Woman’s Health, in Ft. Worth Texas. Why pray for the staff of this particular killing factory?

“The clinic event comes one day after the final day of a trial challenging Texas’ D&E abortion ban,” The Texas Observer reported. “Whole Woman’s Health is a plaintiff.”

Whole Woman’s Health was also the plaintiff in the 2016 Supreme Court case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. As you recall, the justices struck down commonsense measures to protect women’s health.

As Molly Hemingway of the Federalist shrewdly observed last year

But just on the issue of regulatory oversight of clinics, the media are perpetuating a closed loop. The abortion corporations’ claim is that abortion clinics are safe and wonderful, but will somehow be forced to close if required to hold the same health and safety standards as other surgery centers. They [the media] carry water for the abortion corporations, fighting any oversight of abortion-related practices. They smother-to-the-death any and all stories about unsafe and unsanitary conditions at health clinics. They mock voters who don’t get their marching orders from Planned Parenthood and other abortion corporations. They praise Supreme Court justices who run roughshod over the law to keep at bay any regulation of abortion clinics. Rinse, repeat.

So, to be clear. Kentina Washington-Leapheart, director of programs for reproductive justice and sexuality education at the Religious Institute, led the staff in praying and in singing “Hallelujah” at an abortion clinic that not only fights any requirement to meet minimal safety standards but is representative of abortion clinics that rip apart huge, living unborn babies—including babies capable of feeling pain.

According to the Observer

“We’re trying [to] say [the extreme right’s] narrative isn’t the only narrative related to faith,” said Washington-Leapheart, a main organizer of the event. “Women seeking an abortion are largely women of faith. They’re not having an abortion in spite of their faith, it’s in many ways informing the decision they make. … They have a God-given right to make decisions about their life.”

The decision to annihilate their unborn child is “informed” by their faith? Really? I assume what she really means is “They have a God-given right to make decisions about their life.”

So, God is their co-pilot, so to speak, who tells them go ahead, make any decision you want, including killing the least powerful among us, I’m good with that?

It’s not just sanctimonious name-dropping, as irritating as that is. It is to turn the Biblical narrative on its head, attempting to co-opt the Author of Life, making Him a willing partner in the Culture of Death.

Even for these folks, accustomed to saying and doing the most dreadful things, this goes too far.