Archbishop Naumann succeeds Cardinal Dolan as head of Bishops committee on pro-life activities

By Dave Andrusko

Archbishop Joseph Naumann

Unborn babies have no more powerful and effective and long-standing champion than the Catholic church. We especially look to the US Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities to set an activist tone.

Today in a wonderful victory for unborn babies, the bishops elected Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, as chairman of the conference’s committee on pro-life activities. He succeeds another pro-life champion, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.

National Right to Life and several of our state affiliates have a long-standing relationship with Archbishop Naumann. If you’ve met him even once, you don’t forget him. Blessed with a great sense of humor, he is a no-nonsense pro-lifer who is not afraid of speaking truth to pro-abortion candidates.

His selection, as NRLC President Carol Tobias said, “speaks to the importance the bishops place on keeping the life issues at the forefront of our national dialogue.”

Here’s how the Catholic News Agency described him:

Archbishop Naumann who was already a member of the pro-life committee, has challenged pro-choice Catholic politicians, spearheaded efforts to restrict abortion in Kansas, and prioritized abortion in his teaching ministry.

As a young priest, Naumann oversaw the pro-life office of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Under his leadership, the archdiocese began the Project Rachel ministry, a post-abortion healing ministry of the kind [the late John Cardinal] O’Connor championed. Naumann worked to support pregnancy centers and homes for mothers and children.

Yes, and much more.

Most recently I remember the column he wrote in 2016 for the Archdiocese newspaper, the Leaven. The headline gave you an idea where he was headed: “our choices end where another’s more fundamental right begins.”

Archbishop Naumann was none too happy with pro-abortion vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine who during a debate had “mentioned proudly that he is a graduate of Rockhurst High School, crediting the Jesuits with instilling within him a desire for public service and a commitment to advocate for the poor. I wish that was the end of the story.”

He continued

It was painful to listen to Senator Kaine repeat the same tired and contorted reasoning to profess his personal opposition to abortion while justifying his commitment to keep it legal. He said all the usual made-for-modern-media sound bites: It is not proper to impose his religious beliefs upon all Americans. He trusts women to make good reproductive choices. And when all else fails, there is always: Do we really want to criminalize and fill our jails with post-abortive women.

I won’t quote any further. Archbishop Nauman’s column is a must-read because we’ve had, have now, and will always have candidates for office who will hide their abortion advocacy in the garb of being “personally opposed.”

NRLC is so pleased, as is the entire pro-life community, that Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann is the new chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities.