9-month-pregnant woman gives birth two days after escaping Las Vegas massacre by crawling across a field

By Dave Andrusko

Amidst the mindless bloodshed in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, there were innumerable stories of incredible bravery, the kind that simple humble you.

Here is a story that is utterly amazing, courtesy of the Daily Mail, the kind you want to end a week on.

Iain Burns tells us that Markie Coffer was nine-months pregnant and overdue by a week. So why was she at the festival on Sunday with her Army veteran boyfriend Travis Matheson, and her brother, Cody? In part to “help my baby come out.”

They wanted to particularly see the last act, Jason Aldean, so they there when the murderous assault began. Travis, who had been a specialist in the Army, told Burns,”’I told her, ‘We got to get to safety and find somewhere to hide.’”’

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

According to Fox5’s Abby Theodro

Cody suffered a gun shot wound to his shoulder. But the group kept going, and eventually made it to safety.

One of my brother’s friends picked us up and brought us straight (to the hospital). It was chaotic down there,” Coffer said.

But only two days later

Coffer gave birth, and baby Wyatt came into the world.

“He’s been unique since the beginning,” Coffer said.

“(He is) a light at the end of the tunnel,” Matheson said.

“I’m thankful nothing happened worse to any one of us … and we couldn’t be here for him. It was perfect timing for him.”

Markie and Wyatt were discharged from the hospital Wednesday.

Her brother, Cody, is expected to make a full recovery.