Teen mom killed in car crash, but doctors able to save her 8-month-old unborn child

By Dave Andrusko

Dulce Capetillo

Dulce Capetillo

When an unborn baby is “wanted”–especially when his or her formal arrival is eagerly anticipated–even newspapers as almost uniformly pro-abortion as the Washington Post willingly acknowledge the little one is not a “fetus” but an unborn child.

Michael Miller’s touching profile of Dulce Capetillo is a reminder of what a reporter can do when they refuse to allow abortion advocacy bias to slip in the front door (or even the side door).

Capetillo was only 18, eight months pregnant, and madly in love with her fiancé, Pedro Cortes, when her brother picked her up from the late shift at Taco Bell and on the way to meet Cortes, for reasons unknown, swerved and hit a parked BMW.

The siblings were taken to separate hospital and both appeared okay afterwards, Miller tells us.

Capetillo complained of leg pains but “then came another crash,” Miller writes, “as Capetillo’s vital signs unexpectedly flatlined.” Suddenly she was gone.

KRON4 reported she died at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday from traumatic torso injuries.

Miraculously doctors were able to save Baby Christopher who, according to media reports, is in the neo-natal ICU at the Valley Medical Center in San Jose, California, in critical condition.

Miller’s story is very powerful, filled with demonstrations of Capetillo’s abundant love for Cortes and Baby Christopher. Here are a few illustrations :

“I’m glad that the doctors finally told me the gender. I am blessed to have a baby boy,” she wrote on May 11. “I can’t wait to meet you.”

“I’m feeling so happy knowing that soon I will have my son in my arms,” she wrote June 12. “See you soon my baby boy.”

“I’m a happy mommy knowing that I will see my son soon,” she posted a few weeks later. “Feeling his kicks is a beautiful feeling. Me and your daddy love you so much. October hurry up come soon.”

“Can’t wait until we both see our son Christopher Luis,” she wrote Aug. 2 in an Instagram message to her fiance, Pedro Cortes. “I look at you everyday and thank … God that he put you in my life. I’m blessed to have you and our son.”

Her death was a tremendous shock and Miller ends his story with words of consolation from friends on social media:

“When I walked into the hospital I just couldn’t believe it,” one friend wrote. “I was hoping that you would just pop out and say HA! I gotchya but … you didn’t. I’m gonna miss you so much Dulce.”

“Baby girl I’m so broken,” added another. “Please come back.”

“RIP beautiful,” said a third. “We know you will be your baby’s angel.”