Pro-Life Hero Pat Boone celebrates 60th wedding anniversary

By Dave Andrusko

Pat Boone

Pat Boone

I just heard through the grapevine that Pat and Shirley Boone are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this week. Congratulations go out from National Right to Life to this great pro-life couple.

In 2001 Pat spoke at the annual National Right to Life convention. When Pat was introduced the audience was told about the serious accident that befell his grandson. The fall nearly took Ryan’s life, and we naturally expected Pat would have to cancel a scheduled appearance at the National Right to Life Convention to be with his grandson.

Yet Pat did speak at our convention, and then quickly returned home to be near Ryan. “You know my grandson is fighting for his life,” Pat Boone told us at the time, “but you know, we’re fighting for life in this movement, and we’re in this fight together.”

In 2004 Pat received NRLC’s “Proudly Pro-Life Award.” That is the highest tribute we can give—and he richly deserved it.

Pat is best known to pro-lifers for his video, “A Better Way,” in which he interviewed women whose circumstances are often cited as reasons for abortion but who chose life. In the 1980s he released his pro-life song, “Let Me Live,” to universal pro-life acclaim. (You can listen to “Let Me Live”   Be sure to have Kleenex available.)

When he received his Proudly Pro-Life Award, Pat was his usual quietly inspirational self. I remember how he had that special knack for choosing the most relevant passages from Scripture and applying their principles to our present battle against the evil of abortion in a uniquely moving way. Every time audiences hear him, they come away refreshed and renewed.

Again, congratulations to Pat and Shirley. Thank you for all you have done for the littlest among us.

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