Man kills girlfriend and unborn baby, pleads guilty to two counts of second-degree murder

By Dave Andrusko

Lee Martin Konnerth

Lee Martin Konnerth

It doesn’t get much worse than this. In a plea bargain to avoid a trial on first-degree murder charges, Lee Martin Konnerth will be sentenced to 19 years, 8 months to life for shooting his pregnant girlfriend in the back, killing both Sarah Lynn Burr and the couple’s unborn baby.

Konnerth, 37, entered the pleas Tuesday in Placer County Superior Court in Auburn, California. He will be formally sentenced July 17 on two counts of second degree murder and several related charges, according to Assistant District Attorney Jeff Wilson.

After a quarrel turned ugly in May 2011, Burr, who has two other daughters, tried to flee out the front door, but “ was shot from behind by Konnerth,” according to KXTV. Burr and her baby died at the scene.


Konnerth’s father, Kraig, “told investigators that prior to the argument and subsequent shooting, Burr and his son had been talking about a wedding in Hawaii and having their own apartment,” the Auburn Journal reported.

“Instead, one day short of two years after a fatal shot was fired, Burr and their unborn daughter are dead, two young girls have no mother and Konnerth is facing a life prison term.”

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