Massive turnout for pro-life vigil in Dublin

By Pat Buckley, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, Ireland

Editor’s note. Fine Gael is a political party in the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin1Over 30,000 people from all over Ireland attended the pro-life vigil which took place in Dublin on Saturday 19th January making it by far the largest pro-life demonstration which has ever taken place in Ireland.

The vigil which was supported by all pro-life groups sent a very powerful message to the Irish Government that any attempt to legislate for abortion in Ireland will not be tolerated.  

Speakers at the vigil included Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute, Bernie Smith of Precious Life David Manly of Family and Life Caroline Simons of the Pro-Life Campaign, Mickey Harte, the Tyrone football manager, and Bernadette Goulding of

We are attaching some of the photographs and a video of the vigil which to coin a phrase speak for themselves.

Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute told the crowd that “Fine Gael are pressing to legalise the direct and intentional killing of children on the grounds of [a woman’s threat to commit] suicide” and that “we are here to remind them that votes are transferable things–and that on the issue of abortion the people are not for turning.” …

“Because if Fine Gael don’t protect life, they will truly have awoken a sleeping giant. They will have crossed the line for the pro-life majority. And today we pledge to Fine Gael that if they break their pro-life promise they will never get our votes again,” she said to sustained applause.

Dublin3The pro-life spokeswoman told the crowd that the British David Steele, who is described as the architect of the British Abortion Act recently said ‘I never envisaged there would be so many abortions’.

“Is that what Fine Gael want? To be the party that looks back and says, ‘We never envisaged there would be so many abortions’?” she asked.

She urged Fine Gael to take the opportunity to do the right thing. “To stand with the people, to stand for mothers and babies, to have the courage to stand on the world stage, and be leaders in protecting human life.”