Join us in prayer for the unborn






Dear Friends,

Commemorations for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade continue this week, which is fitting because this year’s 40th anniversary is receiving extra attention.  We honor the 55 million unborn babies who’ve lost their lives over those 40 years, we resolve to increase our work on their behalf, and we pray for an end to the carnage.

dar-constitution-hall-captionOn Friday, January 25th, National Right to Life and the National Pro-Life Religious Council are joining with several other groups to organize The National Memorial for the Pre-Born and Their Mothers and Fathers.  If you are in Washington for the annual March for Life on Friday, please join us at this uplifting spiritual event, which is being held at the DAR Constitution Hall on 18th and D Streets from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.  Admission is free and the event will let out in time for you to join the March for Life rally and speeches on the Mall.

If you can’t be in Washington, please join us in prayer Friday, as we pray for a nation to open its eyes to the destruction of unborn life and to the pain and suffering caused to so many women from their abortions.  We know that prayer, along with our activism and speaking up for the unborn, is such a powerful force in our movement, and we will certainly feel the power of your prayer if thousands join us from across the country as we meet and pray at Constitution Hall!

This National Memorial service will also honor some stalwarts in the pro-life movement whose energy and commitment has done so much to help save lives.  March for Life founder Nellie Gray, who passed away this past August, will be given a special tribute, Awards will also be given to Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers who was a recent National Right to Life Convention speaker, and Michael Schwartz, longtime pro-life leader and activist.  In honoring these leaders, we know we honor every one of you who have ever donated your time, your prayers or your support to the pro-life cause.

I close by offering my prayer for the life of every vulnerable human being, born and unborn, whose life is threatened by the indifferent or hostile policies of our government and courts.  May the great tragedy of our lifetime soon end and may the promise of our great country as a compassionate, caring nation be realized once again.

Thank you for your attendance and/or your prayers!

ctobiasnonamesmCarol Tobias
National Right to Life President

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