If America could see abortion, it would end abortion

By Ellie Saul

A magazine was delivered to my office by mistake[1]. The cover captivated my attention and begged me to read the story. It was the picture of a sixteen year old girl with an arm that had been amputated. Beside the photo was another of the same girl when she was a sweet little toddler raising one arm in victory. The story was about a girl who became the picture of peace at the age of two for a country in the midst of a brutal civil war. She even appeared before members of congress pictured in the article, weeping at what they saw. She represented thousands of children like her who were attacked by rebel militia in Sierra Leone. For the sake of money and diamond profits, these evil men amputated thousands of children using machetes.

“These kids had an impact that was nothing short of miraculous, because individuals at high levels saw the consequences of the brutality firsthand.”

I just heard a testimony of a girl who had an abortion. She went to her personal doctor following her abortion because of severe, unexplainable pain. Her doctor wept after examining her and asked if she had an abortion. She confessed and asked how she knew. The doctor knew because she found hands and feet of her aborted baby inside her.

I once heard someone say “If America could see abortion, it would end abortion.” My heart hurts when I think of children being tortured and murdered in third world countries. Children should not suffer anywhere, especially at the hands of evil adults with sharp weapons. I agree that we should come face to face with tragedy to expose darkness and change the world to be a safer place for children everywhere.

We have to face the fact that right here in America, over 3,000 children lose limbs at the hands of adults with the use of sharp objects every day. Many call this brutal dismembering of thousands a day “choice” and then legally discard them. What makes it acceptable is that it is largely unseen. We don’t see magazine covers with tiny baby parts that have been ripped apart begging our conscience to respond. We don’t see the amputated children from the ruling of Roe v Wade in the news demanding our attention, largely because their limbs have been thrown out.

“There was nothing buffering these members of Congress from the results of their inactivity and apathy toward this horror in Sierra Leone.”

Someone is seeing the brutality that occurs in the wombs of thousands of women every day. Many abortions are guided specifically by ultrasounds; these doctors see exactly what is going on. Please join me in praying that hearts of the ones who sever the limbs of babies in the womb will be turned to the victims they rip apart inside. Please pray also that anything buffering the view of Congress and those representatives who advance pro-abortion agendas would be removed. Pray with me that America will come face to face with this tragic brutality in the womb, no longer hidden behind “choice.”

Let’s be in agreement that even “individuals at high levels will see firsthand the consequences of the brutality” of abortion and that “nothing will buffer them from the results of their inactivity and apathy toward the horror.”

Maybe if the children aborted due to Roe v Wade are seen like the children of Sierra Leone, we will see change that brings LIFE.

Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord like rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.

[1] Moreno, Sylvia. (2013, February). “Peace Girl.” The Rotarian, 38-49