For West Virginians for Life – A Busy January

By Mary Anne Buchanan, WVFL Communications Director

(left to right) Dr. Gunter Franz, Dr. Laura Hussey, Dr. Wanda Franz, Dr. Byron Calhoun, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, and Rebekah Berg

(left to right) Dr. Gunter Franz, Dr. Laura Hussey, Dr. Wanda Franz, Dr. Byron Calhoun, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, and Rebekah Berg

West Virginians who braved the cold and “severe winter weather warning” reports to attend the 40th Annual March for Life in Washington, DC  had no regrets.  Those who rode Morgantown bus were treated to a viewing of the brand new pro-life DVD “The Voice of John” on the way, which reminded them of the reason for the yearly sojourn.  It is notable that seven of the speakers/pro-life leaders included in that two-hour video, have been keynote speakers at West Virginians for Life educational events.

The two Jumbotrons were  a welcome addition at the Rally, where estimates of attendance  ran as high as  500,000 people. The new March for Life leader Jeanne Monahan said, “Abortion is the human rights abuse of today.”  The young crowd was reminded that abortion has killed at least 55 million babies in the U.S. in 40 years.  She made sure to say, “Promise me you won’t leave the events of this weekend without seriously considering your role in the pro-life effort.”

While at the March attendees met with representatives of the West Virginia congressional delegation, including aides came from the office of 2nd District Congresswoman Shelley Capito, whose office reserved the room. 

National Right to Life Political Director and WVFL Political Liaison Karen Cross reminded us not to have a quitter’s mentality.  She said, “Our goal for the 113th Congress should be to hold our legislators’ feet to the fire.” In addition to holding the legislators accountable, Cross went on to say, “In 2014, with hard work, we will replace pro-abortion Senator Jay Rockefeller, who has announced he will not seek re-election, with a pro-life senator.”

The weekend before the March a nearly packed room of pro-lifers who gathered at the Bridgeport Conference Center learned from the experts on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. West Virginians for Life, state affiliate to National Right to Life, held an educational event titled, “40 Years of Roe: The Nation’s Tragic Experiment.” 

The conference  was covered by two local TV stations and one of the area newspapers. The general public had been invited at no admission charge.

With 40 years of data now available for examination, WVFL President Dr. Wanda Franz has said that is not difficult to see how Roe has hurt us all.  In fact, five researchers gave presentations exposing the harmful effects, in this order:

• “Increased Risk of Psychological Illness and Death Following Abortion” – Dr. Priscilla Coleman

• “Abortion and Subsequent Pre-term Birth: Cost Analysis 2013” – Dr. Byron Calhoun

• “Negative Impact of Abortion on Intimate Relationships: The Joint Suffering of Men and Women” – Dr. Priscilla Coleman

• “Rape and Abortion” – Rebekah Berg

• “The Negative Economic Impact of Abortion” – Dr. Laura Hussey

• “More and More Women are Rejecting Abortion” – Dr. Gunter Franz

The presentations are available to view at the West Virginians for Life website at and a DVD of all the presentations is being produced and will cost the buyer $3.  If you would like a DVD, call 304-594-9845 to place your order or send an email to