1,000 pro-lifers march in annual United for Life Rally in Birmingham, Alabama

AlabamaRally2013reApproximately a thousand pro-lifers marched in Birmingham, Alabama, Saturday, January 19th, in solemn prayer memorializing the over half million babies lives lost to abortion in Alabama over the last 40 years.

Bishop Robert Baker held a memorial mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul prior to the annual United for Life Rally.

Bells were rung 55 times, once for each million lives lost in America since 1973. Speaker Jim Pinto said “Roe v. Wade is standing pretty solid, unfortunately,” adding, ”But we’ve had success enacting restrictions state by state.”

Cheryl Ciamarra of Alabama Right to Life, explained, “We’ve got to dismantle this a piece at a time.”

And progress has been made, including the closing of two killing sites that we walked past in years past. The now defunct Summit Medical Center building has been leveled and the former New Woman All Women Health Clinic is closed pending new ownership.

Moreover when Birmingham pro-lifers began marching for life in the late 80s there were seven abortion facilities. Now there is only one left inside the city limits.

Unfortunately the University of Alabama continues to provide those late-term abortions physicians judge to be “medically necessary.”