You can follow key election returns on National Right to Life’s website on Election Night!

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The National Right to Life website will once again provide frequently updated coverage on who wins the key races targeted by the National Right to Life Political Action Committee and the National Right to Life Victory Fund.

On election night, you can access the results on our website, as soon as the winner becomes public.  Each time one of these key pro-life candidates for President, U.S. Senate or U.S. House wins, our website will highlight that candidate’s name in red, enabling you to watch our pro-life victories increase as the evening progresses!

Also, as a special way of informing our pro-life supporters on the work of our two political action committees, there will be a link to two of our pro-life campaign radio ads currently running around the country.  Your support enabled us to run 50,000 radio ads! Radio is only one example of a wide variety of effective campaign techniques, including mailings, literature drops, phone calls, emails and many other ways we used this year to inform voters about which candidates were pro-life.

We spent your donation money wisely to defend the unborn!

Thank you again for your support!

Please forward this notice to your pro-life friends who may be interested in joining us during the evening to see how America’s pro-life candidates are doing in the most competitive federal races.