Utilizing the enormous power of Social Media by maximizing your presence

By Luis Zaffirini

Saying that 2012 was the year of the social media campaign is both a commonplace observation and a little trite. Even four years ago the election was rife with social and mobile “firsts.” Today, engaging the online community is simply a given.

In that vein, National Right to Life experienced a great deal of success with using social media during the election. For instance, by spreading information about President Obama’s abysmal record on the life issues through images posted to Facebook, which were among the most widely-shared content we have ever posted.  We also engaged Twitter users (a highly politically active segment of the population to begin with) during presidential debates to highlight the tremendous contrast between the candidates.

Now that the election is over, and Mr. Obama has been re-elected, you might expect me to say that “it’s more important than ever” for pro-life people to be highly visible on Facebook and Twitter, but you already know that. In fact, it’s never unimportant.

What is more important is that we all focus on expanding that presence. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that:

1. If you are not already signed up on Facebook and/or Twitter, do so today. The sooner you start, the sooner you will realize it is not difficult to use and maintain.  I know people who five years ago complained about having to learn a new skill like social networking and today are more active on their Facebook pages than people like me who have had an account for about six years! Once they got over their initial nervousness, they took to social media like a duck to water.

2. If you’re already a user, speak up on the life issues even more.  The pro-life message is a positive message and posting about or sharing it should be a regular part of your weekly online routine.  We provide plenty of content right here on National Right to Life News Today. (If you haven’t signed up, just go to www.nrlc.org/join_our_mailing_list.htm. It’s easy and quick to have NRL News Today delivered to your inbox.)

3. Get the pro-life people you know to set up accounts with at least one social media site. And once they are online, encourage them to be as vocal about the life issues as you are.  Everyone’s voice is important in this conversation.

4. Once you are using social media, be yourself.  People who regularly use social media can sense authenticity and are attracted to it.  Part of being the real you also involves respecting the people you engage online (yes, you are interacting with actual people).  It’s great to logically argue a bit with people who disagree with you, but outright bickering is counterproductive.  The right-to-life argument resonates with most people, so if you encounter someone angrily attacking you it is best not to engage them.  That would be time-consuming and counterproductive.

5. Share with the National Right to Life News Today team what stories you would like covered.  Chances are that if you want to read about it, there are a lot of people who would agree.  You can email the editor, Dave Andrusko, at daveandrusko@gmail.com.

Editor’s note. As noted above, if you are not currently receiving NRL News Today in your inbox, you can sign up at www.nrlc.org/join_our_mailing_list.htm

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