More Good News for Pro-Life Mitt Romney

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life Mitt Romney

Tip of the hat to “Allahpundit” at Until I read his column, I had looked at (but not really recognized) what the latest Gallup poll numbers were saying about President Obama’s Job Approval. (The numbers are based on a three-day rolling average.) For June 18-20, Obama had slumped back to his previous dismal performance: 43% approved of his job performance to 49% who disapprove.

Allahpundit offers fascinating speculation about what caused the uptick in early June for Obama and the decline these past few days. Since they are off our single-issue interests, we will not go into them. But for our purposes we want to watch to see what changes, if any, show up over the next week. Does Obama rebound or slump further?

Then there is a new Pew Research Center poll of Voter Engagement. How this is being interpreted operates like a kind a Rorschach test of media bias.

For example, virtually all the news is good for pro-life Mitt Romney. An account in the National Journal begins

“Voter turnout could reach a record high this year, a new poll suggests, but Democrats and younger voters so far are less engaged in the presidential campaign — suggesting that President Obama has lost some ground in his effort to replicate the slight expansion of the electorate that propelled him to the Oval Office…. Romney’s supporters are more likely than Obama voters to say they have given quite a lot of thought to the election, are more interested than they were four years ago, are following the election closely and think it really matters which candidates win — all reversals from the historic 2008 election.”

What’s not to like about that? Romney’s support is more anti-Obama than pro-Romney, we’re told.

“Obama’s supporters are more enthusiastic about him, while Romney’s are fired up by dislike of Obama, the poll found. More than 70 percent of Obama voters say their preference is more a vote for their candidate than a vote against Romney. But a majority of Romney voters, 58 percent, say their vote is more against Obama than it is for Romney (just 38 percent).”

Think about that for a second. #1. Obama supporters are not running to him because they dislike/don’t trust  Mr. Romney. That says something very positive about the former governor of Massachusetts.

#2. Romney has just come through a very, very tough Republican primary. He will not even formally be the candidate until August.

The Republican dislike for Obama is three years in the making. It is not going to dissipate; it can only grow larger. But as NRL News Today has discussed numerous times, Republicans (especially Republican women) are flocking to Mr. Romney.

Put another way, there is no chance Republican opposition to Obama will diminish, and every likelihood that more and more Republicans will vote for Romney, not because they have any particular animus toward the President, but because they like Romney.

One other quick note. Michigan is one of the twelve “battleground states.” Four of the last five polls there have put the margin at one or two points—a toss-up.

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