Cute as a button: A sweet video about the unborn child’s nine month journey

By Dave Andrusko

A tip of the hat to the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation which linked to this really cute video.

There are a lot of ways to “document” the nine months of pregnancy. You can go heavily into prenatal development, providing pictures and/or illustrations that take you from before the union of sperm and ovum to the conclusion–the birth of a child. A great example is “The Biology of Prenatal Development,” which I’ll talk about tomorrow, is 42 minutes long, although it is so breathtakingly beautiful, it seems more like ten minutes.


Or you can take the approach of this light-hearted video. In a dash over a minute and a half, we see the mom from barely showing to very large and about to deliver to the arrival in her arms of their little one. The video is very sweet and is subtely built around the continuity of the baby’s development and the constancy of the couple’s love for one another and their baby.

Very nice. Take 1:36 seconds and watch the video!